Chile vs Peru live stream: how to watch Copa América 2019 semi-final online from anywhere

While tensions between Chile and Peru have very much thawed since they both fought in the War of the Pacific from 1879-84, there remains a lingering edge to proceedings when the two countries meet on the football field. It all adds up to a potentially fiery showdown – keep reading to discover how to watch tonight’s Copa América semi-final clash with our Chile vs Peru live stream (it’s ESPN+ if you’re in the US).

The two teams’ last encounter in a competitive game was a 2018 World Cup qualifier in Lima which was marred by Peruvian fans booing Chile’s national anthem. Many Chile fans also feel Peru conspired with Colombia to play out a draw in the final match of the qualifiers which ultimately led to Chile missing out on last year’s tournament in Russia.

Live stream Chile vs Peru – where and when
Today’s Copa América 2019 semi-final match takes place at the 60,540 -capacity Arena do Grêmio in Porto Alegre.

Kick-off is at 9.30pm BRT local time on Tuesday, meaning a 1.30am BST start for viewers in the UK.

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What Makes a Good Cooler (According to Physics)?

Our in-house Know-It-Alls answer questions about your interactions with technology.

Q: What is the best cooler, from a physics perspective?

A: First, a reminder from high school physics: Heat, on an atomic level, is the motion of molecules. The quicker they move, the hotter the solid/liquid/gas is. In a hot gas, this means molecules whizzing around, bouncing off the walls. In a hot solid, molecules vibrate where they sit, passing their vibrations to any slower-vibrating neighbors through the springy molecular bonds holding the solid together.

Cold is the absence of heat, much like darkness is the absence of light. The goal of a cooler, then, is not so much to keep the “coldness” in, but to keep the heat out. How well a cooler can do this will depend on three key factors: insulation, air, and ice.

So what’s the best cooler? Think about it from a thermodynamics perspective:

One with thick, closed-cell foam insulation

Generally all commercial coolers use the same method of insulation: foam between the [...]  read more

Bird investor Upfront Ventures eyes $250M growth fund

Upfront Ventures, a Los Angeles-based venture capital firm, has filed paperwork with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to raise its third growth-stage investment fund.

Though the firm typically invests at the seed and Series A, capital from Upfront Growth III will be used for follow-on or late-stage deals.

The firm, known for its investments in Bird, Goat, Ring, ThredUP and Parachute, plans to raise $250 million for the effort. Mark Suster and Yves Sisteron, listed on the filing, lead the firm as managing partners. Upfront’s investor line-up also includes partners Kobie Fuller, Greg Bettinelli, Kara Nortman and Kevin Zhang.

One of the oldest VCs rooted in LA, Upfront previously closed on $400 million for its sixth flagship early-stage fund in 2017.

LA is on pace for a banner year of VC investment, attracting $33 billion across more than 1,000 deals already in 2019, according to PitchBook. Last year, companies headquartered in LA raised more than $60 billion.

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Antivirus vendor Symantec could be purchased by a company critical to Apple

As Broadcom looks to expand behind semiconductors into the software business, a new report from Bloomberg has revealed that the company is in advanced talks to acquire the cybersecurity firm Symantec according to people familiar with the potential deal.

The semiconductor company could even reach an agreement to buy the California-based security company within weeks. However, no deal has yet been finalized and the talks could still fall through.

Neither Broadcom nor Symantec has commented on the news which helped Symantec’s shares rise by 22 percent in extended trading.

If the deal goes through, it would be the company’s second big software acquisition following its $18bn takeover of CA Technologies last year. That acquisition occurred after Broadcom abandoned its plans to purchase rival chipmaker Qualcomm following US President Donald Trump’s decision to block the transaction over national security risks.

Symantec acquisition

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Daily Crunch: FaceTime gets an eye contact upgrade

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1. Apple’s iOS 13 update will make FaceTime eye contact way easier

Apple has added to the latest iOS 13 Developer beta a feature called “FaceTime Attention Correction.” The feature apparently does a terrific job of making it appear like you’re looking directly into the camera, even when you’re looking at the screen during a FaceTime call.

A couple of catches: Your eyes can end up looking kind of dead in the process. And the feature is only available on iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

2. Uber Eats invades restaurants with Dine-In option

A new option in some cities lets you order your food ahead of time, go to the restaurant, then sit down inside to eat.

3. Waymo is now allowed to transport passengers in its self-driving vehicles on California roads

The California Public Utilities Commission granted [...]  read more