Steam Store’s experimental new features to help you find your next favorite game

As the proprietor of the Steam Store, it’s Valve’s job to help you find the games you’re looking for – a job that’s easier starting today with the introduction of three new experimental features that are part of Valve’s new Steam Labs collection. 

In more or less words, Steam Labs is a collection of new experimental features that Valve wants to test before rolling it out to everyone with Steam installed on their computer. 

The three features released today are called Micro Trailers, Interactive Recommender and Automatic Show. Micro Trailers is pretty self-explanatory and will show you short six-second clips of games on the Steam Store, while the Automatic Show compiles a bunch of trailers from Steam’s most popular games and shows them to you in one oversized, 25-minute sizzle trailer.

Interactive Recommender is probably the most interesting of the experimental features Valve released today as it allows you to play around with Steam’s recommendation algorithm. You [...]  read more

This New Poker Bot Can Beat Multiple Pros—at Once

Darren Elias knows poker. The 32-year-old is the only person to have won four World Poker Tour titles and has earned more than $7 million at tournaments. Despite his expertise, he learned something new this spring from an artificial intelligence bot.


p class=”paywall”>Elias was helping to test new software from researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Facebook. He and another pro, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, each played 5,000 hands over the internet in six-way games against five copies of a bot called Pluribus.

At the end, the bot was ahead by a good margin. Along the way Elias noticed something: Although machines are often thought of as uninspired, this bot was ballsier than your typical poker pro. “It will bet two or three times the pot, which humans don’t do very much,” Elias says. “These huge bets are interesting to me and something I will incorporate into my own play.”

Pluribus is significant not just because a new bot taught an old [...]  read more

Pieve Suites

Pieve Suites is neither a hotel nor a b&b, but long-term Italy resident Anne makes up for the lack of standard hotel facilities by providing very …
social experiment by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit #travel #tours

New Google Area 120 project Shoelace aims to connect people around shared interests

A new project from Google’s in-house incubator, Area 120, aims to help people find things to do and others who share your same interests. Through a new app called Shoelace — a name designed to make you think of tying things together — users can browse through a set of hand-picked activities, or add their own to a map. For example, someone who wanted to connect with fellow dog owners could start an activity for a doggie playdate at the park, then start a group chat to coordinate the details and make new friends.

The end result feels a bit like a mashup of Facebook Events with a WhatsApp group chat, perhaps. But it’s wrapped in a clean, modern design that appeals more to the millennial or Gen Z user.

Like Meetup and others in the space, Shoelace’s focus is not on building yet another social networking app, but rather on leveraging a social app to inspire real-world connections.

This is not a novel idea. In fact, startups [...]  read more

Fondi russi alla Lega: indagato Gianluca Savoini, l’uomo di Salvini per i rapporti con il Cremlino

Gianluca Savoini, il leghista presidente dell’associazione LombardiaRussia, è indagato nell’inchiesta della procura di Milano che ipotizza una corruzione internazionale su presunti fondi russi alla Lega.”Non ho mai preso soldi dalla Russia, non ho mai parlato a nome della Lega e di Salvini, non ho mai fatto cose illegali e non ho mai incontrato ’emissari del Cremlino'”, ha dichiarato Savoini all’Adnkronos.

Già in mattinata si era appresa la notizia che la procura di Milano ha aperto un’inchiesta con l’ipotesi di corruzione internazionale sulla presunta trattativa per finanziare la Lega con soldi russi. Ma la notizia del provvedimento contro Savoini è trapelata solo nel tardo pomeriggio. “Stiamo facendo accertamenti per capire se ci siano reati o meno”. Era stata, questa mattina, la risposta del procuratore di Milano Francesco Greco ai cronisti a proposito dell’affaire fondi russi alla Lega.

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