This is the clearest Samsung Galaxy Note 10 leak yet

A new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus photo has leaked out, this one giving us a look at the top of the phone ahead of its official launch on August 7 – as well as a look at the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

This early look comes courtesy of notable leaker Evan Blass, and the phone it depicts matches the Note 10 rumors we’ve heard before – especially the renders that came out a couple days ago that gave us a first look at the larger Galaxy Note 10 Plus. 

This image gives us an overhead look from the top of the Note 10 Plus, which shows the long-rumored central front-facing selfie camera and insight into the phone’s design. The MicroSD/SIM slot is still there in the same spot as in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, though the microphone hole seems more centered.

Much more interesting is the flat top, unlike the rounded corners of the Note 9. The new phone is a much flatter pancake-esque handset, but that should stretch the screen to its maximum dimensions. 

Note 10 Plus…and the Samsung Watch Active 2?

Blass followed up the Note [...]  read more

How Dogs Help Cancer Research, an Amazon Email Scam, and More News

Canine cancer research could also help humans, there’s an Amazon phishing scam to watch out for, and Facebook gets hit with a record settlement. Here’s the news you need to know, in two minutes or less.

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Today’s Headlines

Dogs are playing a big role in human cancer research

Cancer in aging dogs is all too common, but it turns out treatments for your furry friend have implications for people, too. Many of the types of cancer dogs get are similar to those in humans, and with collaborative work between animal and human medicine in the Obama-launched Cancer Moonshot Initiative, researchers are exploring treatments that could save the lives of both dogs and people.

An Amazon phishing scam hits just in time for Prime Day

With Amazon’s Prime Day around the corner, security company Mcafee detailed a phishing [...]  read more

These robo-ants can work together in swarms to navigate tricky terrain

While the agility of a Spot or Atlas robot is something to behold, there’s a special merit reserved for tiny, simple robots that work not as a versatile individual but as an adaptable group. These “tribots” are built on the model of ants, and like them can work together to overcome obstacles with teamwork.

Developed by EPFL and Osaka University, tribots are tiny, light and simple, moving more like inchworms than ants, but able to fling themselves up and forward if necessary. The bots themselves and the system they make up are modeled on trap-jaw ants, which alternate between crawling and jumping, and work (as do most other ants) in fluid roles like explorer, worker and leader. Each robot is not itself very intelligent, but they are controlled as a collective that deploys their abilities intelligently.

In this case a team of tribots might be expected to get from one end of a piece of complex terrain to another. An explorer could move ahead, sensing obstacles and relaying their locations [...]  read more

Amazon Prime Day 2019: Tips and tricks

The Amazon Prime Day event that everyone talks about is almost here. … laptops, cameras, and Apple products if you don't need them immediately.”.
social experiment by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit

Text to switch: what is it and how do I switch phone deals?

Text to switch is a name that aptly describes an initiative thataims to make switching phone provider – while keeping your number – easier than ever. The text to switch system must be used by all networks after regulator Ofcom announced the new way of changing networks. The idea is to make it easier than ever to switch phone network so the best mobile phone deals are available to everyone, with no fears about switching hassles.

As the name suggests, text to switch is a system that uses SMS messaging to give customers their vital details to make switching simple, without needing to wait around on a call like the old days – or put up with attempts to convince you to stay.

So what exactly does text to switch offer you, how does it work and can you get a phone saving with a new deal? Read on to find out everything you need to know then check out our phone deals guide to see if you’re due an upgrade. 

What is text to switch?

To switch network and keep your phone number you previously had to [...]  read more

Behold, the mid-engine 2020 C8 Corvette’s steering wheel

The new 2020 C8 Corvette won’t be revealed for six more days. But to hold us over, Chevrolet is showing off the steering wheel of the eighth generation vehicle.

The photo, which Chevy teased Friday, is just the steering wheel. But there are hints and insights that even this single photo provides. For one, this new generation is unlike any of its predecessors.

The leathered-wrapped steering wheel has the Corvette crossed flags logo as the centerpiece with two spokes. Controls are integrated into the wheel. The steering wheel has a squared-off shape with a rather large opening, which suggests that designers wanted to provide a proper view to a large digital cluster. (We’ll find out July 18).

corvette eighth gen steering wheel

The steering wheel of the eighth generation of the Corvette C8.

Chevy also posted photos of all the previous generations of the Corvette. Here’s a photo of the seventh generation, which had a flat-bottom design and was in model years 2014 to 2019.

corvette seventh gen steering wheel

Corvette will makes its debut at 7:30 p.m. PT [...]  read more

Ford and VW Hitch Their Self-Driving Efforts Together

Volkswagen is investing $2.6 billion in Argo AI, the self-driving-car developer leading Ford’s effort to deploy an autonomous taxi service. Along with boosting VW’s robotic efforts, the deal extends the automakers’ nascent alliance, which includes jointly developing conventional vehicles, to the coming world of self-driving cars. The investment includes $1 billion in cash over an undisclosed period of time. VW will also merge its Autonomous Intelligent Driving (AID) subsidiary, including its 200 employees, and the intellectual property they’ve developed, into Argo.

Alex Davies covers autonomous vehicles and other transportation machines for WIRED.

This move isn’t surprising: When the automakers announced their alliance in January, they said it would cover collaborations on autonomous vehicles, as well as electric cars and mobility services. The companies offered no details or timing, but the deal involves a plan for VW to bring self-driving vehicles to market in Europe, using Argo’s software.

The companies said the deal values Argo, founded [...]  read more