Amazon Prime Day 2019: 17 Best Early Deals and Shopping Tips

Like winter in Game of Thrones, Amazon’s fifth annual Prime Day Sale has come. Prime Day began back in 2015. It was a day-long sale celebrating Amazon’s 20th anniversary, a chance for Amazon’s millions of Prime subscribers to score some sweet deals. That first Prime Day was so successful that Amazon made it an annual event. It’s been growing, Hydra-headed, ever since.

Last year, Prime “Day” stretched to 36 straight hours; this year it’s become Prime Days, running for a full 48 hours, likely with more deals then ever: Amazon Fresh is in on the action, as is Twitch Prime, along with some new offerings like the just-launched Happy School Year store, aimed at students, parents, and educators looking to stock up on back to school supplies.

There’s been some effort to rebrand Prime Day “Black Friday in July” since dozens of other retailers have their own competing sales going. As distasteful as that phrase is, it’s worth bearing [...]  read more

The Echo Dot is down to $22 / £22 for Prime Day 2019

Prime Day 2019 is only hours away now, but some deals have gone live already. To kick things off Amazon has discounted the best-selling Echo Dot smart speaker down to $22. That’s the lowest price we’ve found Alexa-enabled device. UK readers can also get the Echo Dot on sale at Amazon for £22.

The Echo Dot is a smart speaker that works with Amazon Alexa to play music, answer questions, make calls, and more all with the command of your voice. The compact speaker plays your favorite tunes from services like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and more. The 3rd generation (this is the newest model) Echo Dot can also control your smart home devices to adjust the temperature, turn on lights, and more using your voice.

Like we mentioned above, this is the lowest price we’ve seen for the newest Echo Dot and a perfect opportunity to build your smart home. This discount is exclusively for Prime Members and is only valid during the 48-hour event.  

The best Prime Day Echo Dot deals:

(Image credit: Amazon)

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Original Content podcast: Netflix thriller ‘Point Blank’ underwhelms

“Point Blank,” a new Netflix original film, stars Frank Grillo and Anthony Mackie as a criminal and a nurse thrown together by circumstances — Abe (played by Grillo) is struck by a car while fleeing a murder scene, and he’s brought to the hospital where Paul (Mackie) works. Soon, Paul finds himself coerced into to breaking Abe out of the hospital.

Despite the presence of two Marvel stars (Grillo had a brief-but-memorable run in the Captain America movies as Brock Rumlow, while Mackie’s Falcon is about to become the new Captain America), “Point Blank” is a decidedly modest affair, focusing on these two men as they drive through the streets of Cincinnati, on the run from both the police and criminals.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to deliver a straightforward crime movie, but as we discuss in the latest episode of the Original Content podcast, we found ourselves underwhelmed by the results, largely because the film was so by-the-numbers.

Yes, there are moments when “Point [...]  read more

Una strada da intitolare al Podestà che segnalava gli ebrei, rivolta contro la proposta del Comune di Erba

Un presidio a cui sono invitati “i cittadini democratici e antifascisti per impedire lo scempio della memoria della Resistenza”: così l’Anpi sezione “Luigi Conti” di Monguzzo ha deciso di reagire alla proposta di intitolare una via di Erba (nel Comasco) ad Alberto Airoldi, podestà della città negli anni Trenta e Quaranta e successivamente aderente alla Repubblica di Salò. La mozione, che prevede l’intitolazione ad Airoldi del primo tratto di via Crotto Rosa (dove c’è il Teatro Licinium, fondato dall’ex podestà), è stata presentata dai gruppi consiliari della maggioranza di centrodestra (Forza Italia, Lega, “Il buonsenso Erba” e “Veronica Airoldi sindaco per Erba”) e verrà discussa durante il consiglio comunale di lunedì. E proprio la sindaca Veronica Airoldi è nipote del podestà. Durante la stessa serata, dalle ore 20 in poi, di fronte al municipio è in programma la manifestazione di Anpi, che ha già raccolto un’adesione [...]  read more

Leaked Huawei Mate 30 Pro images show front display, face recognition tech

Unofficial shots of the upcoming Huawei Mate 30 Pro have leaked out on Chinese social media site Weibo, giving us one of our clearest looks yet at what Huawei’s next flagship phone could have in store.

The images, reposted at, show a large, curved front display and what seems to be some sophisticated front-facing camera technology – perhaps a sign that Huawei is readying its own rival to Apple’s Face ID.

While the freshly leaked photos don’t quite match up with earlier leaks – which showed a Samsung-style cut-out instead – this could well be the design direction Huawei takes as it looks to improve on what the P30 phones have to offer.

A whopping 6.7-inch screen could be on the way with the Mate 30 Pro, sources suggest, and that would seem to match up with what we can see in the photos embedded below.

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Huawei Mate 30 Pro leak

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Huawei Mate 30 Pro leak

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Huawei Mate 30 Pro leak

(Image credit:

Inside the phone, tipsters are pointing to a Kirin 985 processor and a [...]  read more

Alex Acosta’s Resignation Tops This Week’s Internet News Roundup

It’s been such a busy seven days that there’s been no time to talk about the fact that a federal grand jury is reportedly investigating a major Trump fundraiser, or that an appeals court has thrown out a lawsuit about whether or not President Trump is personally profiting from government visitors staying at his hotels. (Admit it; you never even knew that last one happened.) Last week also featured Speaker of the House Paul Ryan admitting he was  [...]  read more