Now We Know How the Zombie Ant Gets Its Bite

How do we begin to comprehend the astonishing complexity of a fungus that invades an ant’s body, grows throughout its tissues, and orders the host to climb up a tree and bite onto a twig, killing it and exploding out the back of its head to rain down spores on more ants below? Should science just leave this zombie outbreak a mystery?

Nah, ain’t no fun in that. Over at Penn State, biologists have been teasing apart this incredible manipulation by the Ophiocordyceps fungus, and today they’ve put a new piece of the puzzle in place—how the fungus gets the ant to bite down on a twig. The answer is every bit as dastardly as you’d expect from a murderous fungus.

Matt Simon covers cannabis, robots, and climate science for WIRED.

When an Ophiocordyceps spore lands on the exoskeleton of an ant, it begins to eat its way through the hard material, eventually infiltrating the gooey, nutritious innards. Here it grows so-called hyphal tubes throughout the body, forming a network that penetrates the muscles of the poor ant. (How that [...]  read more

Oggetto e File di scalabilità dei Sistemi di Riempimento Hadoop Archiviazione VoidBIG Dati


La rapida crescita dei dati e la mutevole natura dei dati applicazioni è una sfida stabilito concetti architettonici per come memorizzare grandi quantità di dati. Dove una volta le organizzazioni possono avere guardato a grande on-premise dati laghi di centralizzare petabyte di dati strutturati, che ora stanno pensando di file di scalabilità e oggetto sistemi di storage che danno loro una maggiore flessibilità per memorizzare i dati in modo che maglie con il emerging multi-cloud e ibridi paradigma.

Dal Hadoop hype scoppio della bolla, le imprese hanno cercato altri modi di memorizzare le gocce di semi-strutturati e non strutturati di dati che rappresentano la maggior parte del grande diluvio di dati. Le aziende vogliono utilizzare questi dati per una serie di casi d’uso, non ultimo dei quali è la formazione di apprendimento automatico di modelli per automatizzare il processo decisionale.

Mentre i [...]  read more

SpaceX’s ‘Starhopper’ bursts into flames during static fire test

SpaceX’s test vehicle, a small-scale demonstration craft for some Starship components, caught fire after what appears to be a fuel leak or dump following an otherwise successful static fire test last night. It’s not clear why the craft suddenly burst into flames, or whether it was seriously or even superficially damaged.

The “Starhopper,” as SpaceX has been calling it, is a much smaller scale version of the Starship craft the company has in development, meant to test them out in a live-fire environment and even perform short flights called hops — hence the name. It’s being assembled and operated at SpaceX’s facilities in Boca Chica, Texas.

The big shiny craft looks a bit like a toy, but it’s a functioning rocket and it was planned that this week it would do an untethered hovering flight at some 20 meters, a step above the short tethered flights it has already accomplished. But last night’s test firing of the engines seems to have produced an anomaly.

hopper fire

As captured by [...]  read more

Huge Walmart sale continues today – perfect if you missed Prime Day

While Amazon’s 48-hour Prime Day event is officially over, Walmart’s ‘The Big Save’ sale is still going strong. The retail giant is trying to compete with Amazon by launching its sale a day earlier and extending the end date to today.

Walmart also has a leg up on Amazon by offering their deals to everyone – you don’t need to be a member or have a subscription. You also get free shipping on all orders over $35. The deals aren’t bad either, with massive savings on everything from 4K TVs and laptops to kitchen appliances and vacuums. You’ll also find discounts on Google smart home devices, which aren’t available on Amazon.

See our roundup below of the best Walmart deals that are still available. Keep in mind these offers end tomorrow, so you should take advantage of these rare sales while you can.

The best Walmart deals on sale now

Walmart has a lot of stuff on offer right now, with a wide range of devices and categories that are at an all-time low price. 

We’ve scoured [...]  read more

Think FaceApp Is Scary? Wait Till You Hear About Facebook

FaceApp is a viral lark that takes a convincing guess at what you’ll look like when you’re old. FaceApp is also the product of a Russian company that sends photos from your device to its servers, retains rights to use them in perpetuity, and performs artificial intelligence black magic on them. And so the FaceApp backlash has kicked into gear, with anxious stories and tweets warning you off of its charms. Which, fine! Just make sure you save some of that ire for bigger targets.

The response to FaceApp is predictable, if only because this cycle has happened before. FaceApp went viral when it launched in 2017, and prompted a similar—if far more muted—privacy kerfuffle. But compared to Meitu, that year’s other viral face manipulator, which is quite a phrase to type, FaceApp was downright saintly in its data collection. At least FaceApp didn’t access your GPS and SIM card information. More energy was directed at bigger problems, like FaceApp’s blackface filter. (Yep!)

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Caso Lega-Russia, indagato Meranda, perquisizioni della finanza a casa Vannucci

La guardia di finanza di Milano, su delega della procura, ha effettuato una perquisizioni a casa dell’avvocato Gianluca Meranda, il legale romano che ha ricevuto contestualmente un avviso di garanzia, ed è quindi indagato, nell’ambito dell’inchiesta per corruzione internazionale sul caso dei presunti fondi russi alla Lega. Alla perquisizione ha preso parte il pm milanese Gaetano Ruta e un esponente dell’ordine degli avvocati di Roma.Meranda non pagava da otto mesi l’affitto dello studio legale. Per questo era stato sfrattato e costretto a portare tutti i suoi documenti fuori dall’ufficio. Questa mattina quando gli uomini della guardia di finanza assieme al pm Gaetano Ruta si sono presentati a Roma nella sede della Sqlaw, fondata dall’avvocato cosentino, per perquisirla non hanno trovato il materiale e sono stati costretti a rintracciare il deposito dove lo aveva trasferito. Gli scatoloni sono poi stati trovati all’interno di un furgone [...]  read more