CrowdStrike impresses with first earnings report

CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity business focused on endpoint protection, posted revenues of $96.1 million on GAAP net losses of $26 million in the first quarter of fiscal year 2020, according to the company’s first-ever earnings report released Thursday following its $612 million NASDAQ initial public offering in June.

CrowdStrike closed up 2.5% Thursday following the news, rising in after-hours trading.

The company’s revenue shot up 103% from the same period last year, with subscription revenue increasing 116% increase to $86 million. CrowdStrike’s stock price has continued to rise since the company priced its shares at $35 apiece last month, trading Thursday at nearly $82 per share after-hours.

The security enterprise expects full-year losses of 72 to 70 cents per share on more than $430 million in revenue.

“We are pleased with the strong start to the year,” CrowdStrike chief executive officer and co-founder George Kurtz said in a statement. “As the pioneer of cloud-native [...]  read more

While Washington Talks Antitrust, Europe Takes Action

It’s been a strange, conflicted week for antitrust in Washington, DC. In one set of congressional hearings, tech leaders, facing possible far-reaching regulation, fended off accusations that they are strangling competition. In another, Facebook’s David Marcus explained why the social media giant should be given a green light to expand ambitiously into global finance with its Libra cryptocurrency. You’d be forgiven, watching the dueling livestreams, for thinking you’d stumbled across portals into a pair of parallel universes.

Gregory Barber covers cryptocurrency, blockchain, and artificial intelligence for WIRED.

For now, it’s Europe leading the antitrust charge. European Union regulators have recently revealed a flurry of actions against US tech companies, starting last month with an investigation into chipmaker Broadcom over whether it used exclusivity agreements to fend off competitors. Then, this week, Margrethe Vestager, [...]  read more

Trump Dice Navy Nave Abbattuto Iraniano DroneTech

WASHINGTON — I militari Americani hanno abbattuto un drone Iraniano nello Stretto di Hormuz, giovedì, il Presidente Trump ha detto nel corso di una cerimonia alla Casa Bianca.

Mr. Trump ha detto che il velivolo senza equipaggio minacciato il Boxer, una nave d’assalto anfibio che può lanciare attacchi aerei ed elicotteri dal ponte sbarco.

“Il drone è stato immediatamente distrutto”, il Signor Trump ha detto.

Un portavoce del Pentagono, Jonathan Hoffman, ha detto in una dichiarazione che il Boxer era in acque internazionali e che il drone “chiuso all’interno di un minaccioso gamma” prima di prendere azioni difensive.

Non è chiaro se il drone Iraniano era armato.

Non c’era nessun commento immediato da Teheran. Ma l’abbattimento sarà probabilmente di nuovo infiammare le tensioni tra Iran e Stati Uniti.

Il mese scorso, l’Iran ha abbattuto un Americano di sorveglianza drone in una controversia sul fatto che volava sopra le [...]  read more

Patent shows Sony’s PSVR 2 could have eye-tracking

 Leaks and patents have strongly hinted that Sony’s PS5 may be accompanied by an improved PSVR 2 headset, either at launch or later – and a new patent just made public suggest it could track eye movement and head motion.

Image credit: Sony/USPTO

Image credit: Sony/USPTO

(Image credit: USPTO)

What will that do for VR? According to one Sony Interactive Entertainment patent (image above), it will enhance immersion by refining what each eye sees – aka ‘parallax images’ – for improved stereoscopic depth. Sony is also developing tech to keep those images relative when you rotate/tilt your head.

But there are other possibilities for eye-tracking in VR, including alternative control methods and/or interface options – which would be a great accessibility option for disabled gamers.

Eye-tracking: not just in PSVR?

VR isn’t the only place Sony is investigating eye-tracking. 

Another patent [...]  read more

This is one way Toyota plans to shuttle people around during the 2020 Olympics

When thousands of people converge on Tokyo for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the city’s infrastructure will be tested. Toyota is getting into the mix to handle some of the ways people will get around the city and the Olympics venue.

Toyota unveiled Thursday a new product called APM, or Accessible People Mover, which is designed for the Olympics and Paralympic Games.

The aim, according to Toyota, is for this vehicle to provide “mobility for all” and to solve the so-called “last mile” problem. In Toyota’s view, that means a vehicle that can transport as many people as possible, including elderly, pregnant women, families with young children and people with disabilities.

Toyota will deploy 200 of these vehicles, which will operate in and around the event. There will be two models — basic and relief — in the fleet. The basic version is a low-speed short-distance battery electric vehicle that will be used to transport visitors and staff within the Olympic grounds. Each [...]  read more

Patto tra Sala e Appendino per un piano sulla mobilità: spunta l’idea di un treno “superveloce” per collegare Milano e Torino

Si sono incontrati a Novara, a metà strada, i sindaci di Milano e Torino, Giuseppe Sala e Chiara Appendino, per confrontarsi su alcune tematiche relative alla collaborazione tra le due città su mobilità e promozione del turismo. I due sindaci hanno parlato anche della possibilità di valutare offerta dall’hyperloop per collegare le due città in soli 15 minuti: un treno ad alta velocità per merci e passeggeri all’interno di tubi a bassa pressione. La promozione del turismo “rimane un obiettivo comune” hanno sottolineato entrambi. Occasioni di collaborazione possono nascere dai grandi eventi che Milano e Torino ospiteranno, le Olimpiadi Invernali del 2026 e gli Atp Finals dal 2021 al 2025.

Sul fronte della mobilità le due città vogliono collaborare allo sviluppo della sperimentazione di una tecnologia innovativa, come la guida autonoma, partendo da attività di testing in ambito urbano e sull’autostrada Torino-Milano. Infine hanno deciso di avviare verifiche [...]  read more

Depth of Field: The Hollow Poetry of the Eric Garner Decision

Is America morally asphyxiating? Each week I look on in a snowballing state of disbelief and semi-shock (it’s hard to be completely surprised anew by how bad the situation continues to get), anxiously seesawing with emotions, as the country is further imperiled.


p class=”paywall”>Over the weekend, in response to criticism, President Trump urged four progressive members of Congress—US Representatives Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexiandria Ocasio-Cortez, all of whom are women of color—to “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.” Almost unilaterally, the tweet was flagged as racist by everyone except conservatives, who have either offered a mute response or denied cries of racism altogether. The twisted serendipity of our national project is that sometimes moments align in tragic concert but still point to hulking truths. This was one such week.

On Tuesday,  [...]  read more