Maltempo, temporali in arrivo a Milano. Il Comune: “Rischio vento forte, non parcheggiate sotto gli alberi”

Forti temporali e vento previsti su Milano da questa notte e per domani, venerdì 2 agosto. La protezione civile regionale ha emanato una allerta arancione per temporali forti e un’allerta gialla per rischio idraulico e vento forte. Con l’allerta meteo parte anche il monitoraggio dei livelli dei fiumi Seveso e Lambro e l’attivazione delle squadre di protezione civile e delle pattuglie della Polizia locale. 

La preoccupazione è il vento, appunto: per questo il Comune di Milano invita i cittadini “a prestare la massima attenzione e a tenere comportamenti che possano aiutare a prevenire eventuali problemi dovuti al vento forte, come ad esempio rimuovere vasi non ancorati ai balconi o altri oggetti sospesi, ed evitare di parcheggiare le auto sotto gli alberi”.

social experiment by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit #repubblicait

Should parents pay for an extended warranty for their student’s laptop?

  • This article originally appeared on Windows Central and has been inducted into our Back to School guide
Best answer: Yes, in most cases buying an extended warranty for a student’s laptop is a good idea. Laptops can be used all day every day for just about any type of college work, and their mobility means they will always be on the move, ultimately putting them through above-average use and abuse.

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Know how your student uses their laptop

Thousands of students head back to college every year, and even though your student — with an able laptop in hand — is responsible, lecture halls, dorms, labs, and libraries are bustling with people. Anyone can walk by and bump a laptop off a table, spill coffee on a keyboard, or step where they shouldn’t when a backpack is being rearranged. Accidents happen, and even if your student is not one to abuse their tech devices, damage to a laptop can occur.

Accidents are made more common due to the frequency of use. A laptop is usually hauled to each lecture, each lab, and each study session, then back home or to a dorm for hours of work in the evening. While a lot of laptops will see no more than a few hours of use in a day, your student’s laptop might [...]  read more