Liked on YouTube: Weekend à Nice : les bons plans incontournables !

Weekend à Nice : les bons plans incontournables !
Envie de partir à Nice pour quelques jours ? Dans ce vlog voyage, le youtuber @Guiruch et l’influenceuse niçoise @maudinettte vous font découvrir des bons plans et des idées de sortie pour passer des vacances inoubliables à Nice !

Au programme de ce carnet de voyage : des spécialités niçoises, des bons plans, des idées de balades et de sorties.


Découvrez dans cette playlist, le périple de @Guiruch à travers la France. Le concept ? Un voyage dans 6 villes à la rencontre de 6 influenceurs qui partagent avec @Guiruch leurs bons plans, leurs astuces pour bien profiter de ces villes.

Lien vers la playlist :

Suivez également le roadtrip de @Guiruch en utilisant le hashtag #SmartTravel sur les réseaux sociaux !


Découvrez les bonnes adresses de Marseille :
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Huawei gears up to fully open its Huawei Mobile Services to global developers

Huawei has grown into an industry giant and has developed preliminary capabilities necessary to build a smart ecosystem.

Now, Huawei is going to fully open its Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) to global developers, allowing them to quickly access the HMS ecosystem for resource sharing.

At the Huawei Developers Conference, the second-largest smartphone player announced that it will open 14 types of HMS Core capabilities, 51 services, and 885 APIs to developers worldwide, in hopes of building an intelligent ecosystem for all scenarios.

Today, the Huawei HiAI open platform has more than 2,500 partners and over 140 million IoT devices worldwide that support HiLink protocols.

115% growth in apps

Currently, there are more than 43,000 applications connected to HMS Core as of July this year.

Dr. Wanag Chenlu, president of software engineering department at Huawei Consumer Business Group, said that apps have grown 115% when compared to 20,000 during the same period a year ago.

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Porsche Taycan test drive shows the EV’s repeatable launch control

Where Tesla’s cars ask you to explicitly confirm their Ludicrous Plus mode and generally discourage you from using it often, the Taycan is officially rated for ten 0-62MPH and four 0-124MPH runs in a row before you notice any decrease in performance. Unofficially, it can do more — FC‘s Jonny Smith tried it for “some 30 full throttle launches.” The feat is rumored to be possible through special motors that use thick “hairpin” coil windings that make the motors smaller and better-suited to repeated all-out launches.

This is expected to be the top-spec Turbo model with dual motors, all-wheel drive and an unofficially estimated $146,000 price tag. It won’t be quite so blisteringly fast if you spring for the reported single-motor RWD model at about $79,000.

There are still many unknowns about the Taycan. The demo machine still had light disguises to mask the car’s final look, and FC wasn’t allowed to show the dashboard. The [...]  read more

Hackers Could Decrypt Your GSM Phone Calls

Most mobile calls around the world are made over the Global System for Mobile Communications standard; in the US, GSM underpins any call made over AT&T or T-Mobile’s network. But at the DefCon security conference in Las Vegas on Saturday, researchers from the BlackBerry are presenting an attack that can intercept GSM calls as they’re transmitted over the air and decrypt them to listen back to what was said. And the vulnerability has been around for decades.

Regular GSM calls aren’t fully end-to-end encrypted for maximum protection, but they are encrypted at many steps along their path, so random people can’t just tune into phone calls over the air like radio stations. The researchers found, though, that they can target the encryption algorithms used to protect calls and listen in on basically anything.

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Violentò le figlie dei vicini di casa: incastrato dai video sul cellulare

Un uomo accusato di «violenza sessuale aggravata su minore» è stato arrestato al termine di un’indagine condotta dalla Squadra Mobile di Crema. L’inchiesta, partita dalla denuncia dei genitori di una delle vittime, ha consentito al sostituto procuratore della Repubblica di Cremona, Milda Milli, di firmare l’ordinanza di custodia cautelare in carcere. Ad incastrare l’uomo, 29 anni, è stato un video trovato sul suo cellulare, che lo riprende in atteggiamenti inequivocabili con una bambina di 10 anni. Gli inquirenti hanno identificato la ragazzina ripresa nel filmato e sono riusciti ad accertare che l’uomo aveva abusato anche di un’altra bambina. Approfittando del fatto che le sue vittime lo conoscevano perché vicine di casa e dell’assenza momentanea dei genitori, le attirava nella sua abitazione dove le violentava minacciandole di morte nel caso in cui avessero rivelato l’accaduto.

10 agosto 2019 | 12:33


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