Best Gaming Mouse for 2019 (WIRED Tested, Wireless, Cheap)

What Makes a Good Gaming Mouse?

There’s more to it than RGB lighting

There are a couple features that really separate a gaming mouse from just are regular-old-came-with-my-PC kind of mouse. Gaming mice should have more sensitive optical sensors that can detect smaller movements more quickly than a standard mouse. They should also have higher-quality buttons than a standard office mouse, and more of them. The left and right buttons should have individual switches inside the mouse, tensioned to register rapid clicks, and reinforced to withstand more frequent clicks than a normal mouse might. Top-of-the-line gaming mice often feature proprietary mechanical switches inside the mouse that give it a more tactile feel when you click. At minimum, a good gaming mouse should have a clickable scroll wheel, a button for adjusting sensitivity, and two under the right-hand side where your thumb rests. Those extra thumb-buttons can be lifesavers in competitive games.

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