Apple MacBook 12-inch deal knocks a startling £350 off the asking price

We’ve already seen some great deals on Apple’s outgoing 12-inch MacBook, and this one is even better than some of the major price cuts we witnessed earlier this year – so much so that you might be forgiven for thinking that Black Friday has come early for 2019…

Normally Apple’s 12-inch MacBook commands a price tag north of a grand, but you can save a startling £350 with the discount eBuyer has currently applied to the Intel Core m3-powered laptop.

The notebook comes with 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD, plus of course you get that beautiful Retina display in a supremely portable package with long-lasting battery life.

The price was the main sticking point when we reviewed the 12-inch MacBook, but with this discount knocking the machine down to a penny under £780, that might persuade you to pull the trigger. Particularly given that these 12-inch MacBooks will only be around for so long, given Apple is no longer making them.

You might just get a better deal come Black Friday 2019 (or indeed on Cyber Monday), but with this particular MacBook model, we’re really not sure how likely that is…

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