Everything you’ve posted to Yahoo Groups will soon be deleted: here’s how to save it

It’s probably been a long time since you last used Yahoo Groups, which is part of the reason Yahoo has decided to shut the service down later this year. 

If your memory of Yahoo Groups is a little fuzzy, it offers like-minded users the opportunity to gather and discuss particular topics, much like Tumblr or Reddit. Members of a Group can share files, have conversations, conduct polls and send messages to one another in a friendly, communal way. At least, that was the idea.

Yahoo hasn’t given a formal explanation for shuttering Groups, but it seems likely that the service has simply been overwhelmed by competition from more successful platforms. As a result, the company plans to start shutting it down on October 21, when users will no longer be able to upload new content.

The process will finish on December 14, when everything will be erased permanently from Yahoo’s servers. Files, polls, calendars, conversations, folders calendars – not a trace will remain.

Download your data

That window gives you a few months to download your data before it’s gone for good, and it’s well worth doing; you might not recall exactly what you’ve shared on Yahoo Groups over the years, but there may be the odd photo or file that you’ll look back on fondly, or posts that you’ll want to hang onto.

To grab your content, head over to your Yahoo Group’s page and you should see a link to download everything directly. Alternatively, you can log into your Yahoo account on Verizon Media’s Privacy Dashboard and request the data.

There might be quite a lot to package up, depending on how active your Yahoo Groups were, so you’ll receive an email once it’s all archived and ready to download.

Via The Verge

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