Trump’s Pelosi Tweet Tops This Week’s Internet News Roundup

The Takeaway: As absolutely crazy as Giuliani’s week has been, here’s a somewhat staggering possibility: All of this is just prologue to what could be even more dramatic in the near future.

Lady Gaga Doesn’t Know What Fortnite Is

What Happened: As a welcome palette cleanser, let’s take a look at what Lady Gaga is up to these days.

What Really Happened: For those wondering what Lady Gaga’s first post-A Star Is Born move was going to be, this week provided an unexpected answer as she managed to drive a certain element of the Twitterati insane with one simple question.

There, of course, were those who decided to try and answer her question (the last one, by the way, comes from the creative director of the company behind the game).

And then there was this wonderful exchange:

For those who are as confused as Gaga, he’s someone who makes half a million dollars a month playing Fortnite, which is one of those things that you can’t think too much about. As this was unfolding, the exchange—and Gaga’s question in general—were somehow being reported as news by the media. Admittedly, gaming media covered it far more breathlessly than mainstream media, but you can understand why. Soon, folks in various spheres started wondering what was going on, and started getting suspicious of the Fame Monster’s apparently sudden interest in the game, and lack of ability to use Google.

Please note: These are predictions, not announcements. Well, not yet, anyway … Oh, and for those concerned that Lady Gaga had, in fact, misspelled the name of the game in question, don’t worry; some were so eager to award plaudits to Gaga they’d forgive any perceived slight.

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