Trump’s Impeachment Tweet Tops This Week’s Internet News Roundup

It’s hard to know where to begin this week. Is it the story about presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway calling up a reporter to complain that they had mentioned her husband? Or is that tidbit about President Trump wanting federal agencies to cancel their subscriptions to The New York Times and The Washington Post? You know what? It’s probably the news that the president’s lawyers think Trump can’t be investigated for criminal activity while in office. (Not everyone agrees with that, by the way.) Elsewhere in the world, Brexit is closer to actually happening but definitely isn’t a thing just yet, with a potential general election possibly standing in the way. With all of this happening, it’s no wonder that Kanye has returned. Only Greta Thunberg can save us now—if not the actual activist, then maybe the insect that’s been named after her. What have people been spending their internet hours talking about? Things like this, mostly.

Trump Compared the Impeachment Inquiry to a ‘Lynching’

What Happened: President Trump referred to his treatment by Congress as a “lynching.”

What Really Happened: As efforts to impeach President Trump hit their one month anniversary—with support from the public constantly increasing—it’s easy to wonder just how the president is handling it. Last week, he shared his thoughts on Twitter.

Yes, that’s right; the impeachment process—which, it’s worth remembering, is indeed being carried out with both due process and legal rights—is, in President Trump’s eyes, “a lynching.” It was, at best, an unfortunate choice of words, as many pointed out.

Response to the tweet in the media was widespread and filled with disapproval. Not everyone was upset, though.

At this point, let’s pause to get a little historical perspective.

Amongst the many, many people who spoke out against the president’s use of the word, one particular critic stands out, and not for the reasons he’d wish.

Just one problem, Mr. Biden…

The former VP made a statement apologizing for himself soon after his historical hypocrisy came to light.

OK, new rule: Everyone think about what they’re saying before they say it. What do you think?

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