If you need a new SSD, this Samsung 970 Evo Black Friday deal is perfect

The Samsung 970 Evo has been one of our favorite SSDs for a while now. This NVMe SSD provides lightning-fast speeds at an affordable price – and it’s even more affordable now ahead of Black Friday

You can pick up the 500 GB Samsung 970 Evo for just $89 with this early Amazon Black Friday deal, a whopping 40% discount from its list price. This is a price point we’d typically expect for a slower SATA-based SSD, but now you can get the raw speed of an NVMe M.2 drive for less. 

In our review, we found that the Samsung 970 Evo has no problems hitting sequential read speeds of up to 3,562MBps, which is extremely fast for most people. In fact, with this SSD installed, Windows 10 will feel faster than ever, and if you’re a gamer, the best PC games will load in seconds. 

At this $89 price point, the Samsung 970 Evo is easy to recommend to pretty much anyone who needs some faster storage. So, if your laptop has an M.2 slot, or if you have a modern motherboard, you might want to jump on this amazing Black Friday SSD deal.

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