20 Best Pre-Black Friday Outdoors Deals: REI, Huckberry, MooseJaw, Etc

Outdoorspeople face an existential conundrum: To be comfortable and safe outside, you need weatherproof jackets, boots, and hats. But if you wait to buy your gear on sale—like, say, on Black Friday—then you’re wasting valuable time on a computer, when you could be catching some early snow on the slopes, traipsing from mountaintop to mountaintop, or just sitting by a fire.

Some of our favorite outdoor gear retailers have cleverly sidestepped this problem by starting their sales the week before Black Friday; REI’s Get Up Get Out sale and Moosejaw’s anniversary sale both end on November 25, and Huckberry’s Blackout sale ends on November 26. That gives you a long, relaxing holiday weekend to spend with your family (or not).

Update: Huckberry lowered its prices early, on November 21. These deals are all good through the weekend.

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REI’s Get Up Get Out Sale

Photograph: Garmin
REI’s Get Up Get Out sale started last week and runs through November 25.

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