Amazon Lightning deals live updates – the best of the Amazing One Time Offers

(Image credit: Amazon) Oh my, there’s a serious amount of hot deals flying around today. If only there was a place looking out for the best ones for you, saving you the hassle of scrolling through the tat to make sure you don’t miss out on those super low prices.

You’re in luck as we’re reporting live from the front-lines of Amazon’s war on prices (and our wallets). The Lightning Deals we’re highlighting are usually only online for a few hours at a time, with some super popular ones only lasting minutes as stock sells out long before the expiry date.  

So if you see a deal you like below, don’t consider it for long as they’ll be gone before you know it. On Amazon’s site, you can see what percentage of items have been claimed already which is your best bet of seeing how much time you have left to play with.

If you want to see a complete roundup of the best deals from the best store, be sure to check out our Black Friday guide.

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