The best accessories to buy the geek who has everything

If there’s a creative person in your life who can’t decide what their preferred medium is, they might need a Morph. It’s hard to describe exactly what it is because, well, it’s so many things. At its most basic it’s a giant pressure-sensitive, customizable trackpad. It can be used as a Wacom-style drawing tablet for a graphic designer or visual artist. But silicone overlays turn it into a keyboard for musicians, audio controls for beat makers and producers, or a panel of video-editing controls for budding directors. There’s even an “innovators overlay” that lets someone customize it to their exact specifications. No, seriously: They can just draw their own dream controller on a piece of paper, put it under the clear silicone mat and dial in their perfect interface with the SenselApp. — Terrence O’Brien, Managing Editor
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