This 10TB cloud backup service is cheaper than buying a hard drive

Polarbackup is a new service from Zoolz, one of the best cloud storage providers on the market. They have decided to introduce an ultra affordable service that offers rock-bottom prices without sacrificing reliability and security with an 89% discount as part of its Cyber Monday sales. 

At £83.33 / $99.99 for a lifetime license for the 5TB tier, it is cheaper than buying a hard disk drive of equivalent capacity. But wait for it, for a limited time only, they’re giving one account free when you buy one. So you end up with 10TB instead of 5TB.

Your data is never deleted (as it will never expire); you can back up an unlimited number of external devices, from USB drives to CCTV systems, and Polarbackup even supports file versioning.

Polarbackup supports both Windows and Mac and uses zero knowledge, 256-bit encryption to keep your files safe. These are automatically backup to Amazon’s Glacier, one of the cheapest storage solutions available on the market.

Just bear in mind that this is Glacier is a cold storage which means that you won’t be able to retrieve your files immediately. Instead, as Polarbackup explains, you may have to wait up to 12 hours in order to retrieve your files, which can be a significant issue for some.

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