Xbox Series X is the next Xbox Console

Xbox Series X is the name of the next-generation Xbox, previously only known as Xbox Project Scarlett. 

This bombshell announcement came out of left field at the Game Awards 2019, and it will be coming in Holiday 2020. It all started like a game announcement, and we here at TechRadar definitely weren’t expecting it to turn into a new hardware announcement. 

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After a mysterious little trailer, we got to see the Xbox Series X in all of its blocky glory, and don’t worry: it still has a disc drive. However, the new Xbox Series X kind of looks like a little gaming PC, which makes us wonder what kind of hardware is inside.

As for what kind of Xbox Series X games we can expect when the new console launches, Phil Spencer took the stage to talk about that. Games will be “More lifelike, immersive and surprising” and that the Xbox Series X will “lead us into the future of gaming”. He also stated that 15 Xbox Game Studios are building a huge library. And, while we didn’t get to hear about nearly all of these games, we did get a bizarre trailer for Hellblade II Senua’s Saga.

We still don’t know the exact Xbox Series X specs, or how much it will cost, but with how thicc the console appears to be, we can expect whatever hardware is inside to be packing some serious heat. We’re sure we’ll hear more about pricing at a later date – but we may be waiting until E3 2020. 

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