CES Liveblog Day 1: Flying Cars, Smart Fridges, and 5G Chips

Welcome to our CES 2020 liveblog! The WIRED crew is on the ground here in Las Vegas to touch, test, prod, and fondle all of the latest gadgets, apps, smart-home appliances, brain-training headgear, and Alexa-powered running shoes. This liveblog is the place where we’ll report all of our findings. We’ll have videos, photos, written dispatches, and of course, more than a few lulz.

Monday is one of the slower days here at CES. The show technically gets fully underway tomorrow (Tuesday) when the expo halls open to the public. But there will still be some action to report on from today’s “preview” events. Monday’s news will likely be dominated by the press conferences being held by big companies like Toyota, Samsung, Bosch, and Intel.

We’re on Pacific Standard Time here in Las Vegas, so expect updates to start rolling in around 12 pm eastern, or 9 am out west. Refresh the page every once in a while and you’ll see the newest piece of news appear at the top of the page.

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Water Detective

Phyn Smart Water Detector
Photograph: Amy Lombard
Identifying power-sucking vampire devices and plugging up leaks are two of the best ways to act sustainably and conserve resources, but the devices that help you do it are usually expensive, difficult to install, or both. Thankfully, it looks like smart water-monitoring devices for the home (whew, what a mouthful) are getting much smaller and more accessible.

Flo’s newest smart water detector went on sale yesterday and is a mere 3.5 inches across and costs $50. Simply place the sensor in a vulnerable area, like under a water heater or washing machine. If customers also own the Flo smart water shutoff, they can also shut off the water automatically. We also took a look at Phyn’s smart water assistant ($250), which detects leaks and is easy to install yourself.

—Adrienne So

Ring in the New Year

Amazon Ring Access Controller Pro box
Photograph: Amazon
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