Good leak, bad leak: Samsung Galaxy S20 has a 120Hz display, but no headphone jack

The Samsung Galaxy S20 leaks are popping up multiple times per day, and the latest news comes from a hands-on with an alleged S20 Plus. It strongly hints you should expect to see a 120Hz display, but not traditional 3.5mm headphone jack.

This backs up a previous leak for the standard S20, which hints at a choice between 60Hz and 120Hz refresh rates as an option within the Samsung OneUI beta software. This new leak for the S20 Plus basically confirms those options, according to XDA Developers contributor Max Weinbach. He has photo evidence from a source with alleged access to one of the S20 Plus handsets. In other words, this could be coming to the whole Samsung smartphone line in 2020.

(Image credit: XDA Developers / Max Weinbach)
This leak also suggests the S20 Plus will have a 3,200 x 1,440 WQHD+ resolution display, which are longer dimensions thanks to a 20:9 aspect ratio. But you won’t be able to get 120Hz at this max resolution – the faster refresh rate will be capped at FHD+, per the leak. 

This comes shortly after OnePlus revealed it’s working on 120Hz screen tech after releasing phones with 90Hz displays in 2019, while older rumors suggested the iPhone 12 line could get 120Hz displays as well.

No headphone jack for the Galaxy S20 Plus?

The XDA leak included another tidbit: a hands-on video from the source.

This short video shows the ‘domino’ style rear camera block, though further info supplied to XDA affirms that the headphone jack is nowhere to be found. If true, and following the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 omission of a 3.5mm port, this finally spells the end of headphone jacks for Samsung flagships.

And, appropriately, this should be the end of Samsung’s long sneering at Apple for ditching the headphone jack starting with the iPhone 7. Samsung started down this road by losing them in the Note 10 and Note 10 Plus six months ago. Samsung reps justified the removal by claiming it allowed a bit more (100mAh) battery and improving haptic feedback.

It’s not completely gone from Samsung top-line phones in 2020: the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite has a headphone jack, as we saw at CES 2020. Lastly, the XDA leak affirmed that the S20 phones would be retaining its predecessors’ in-screen ultrasonic scanners instead of swapping them out for optical scanners.

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