Where enterprise IT can really apply AIAI & Surroundings

Artificial intelligence (AI) is something every IT organization must have in place to succeed. Or so you would think given the steady hype exhorting the technology’s importance.

Yes, AI can provide business value. No, it’s not going to magically solve all your organization’s issues.

Still, approached rationally, AI can advance your enterprise systems and thus your business operations. To understand where enterprise IT can meaningfully take advantage of AI today, CIO.com interviewed AI analysts Kjell Carlsson of Forrester Research, Charley Rich of Gartner, and Mickey North Rizza of IDC.

Don’t confuse automation with AI

Vendors often claim that some AI secret sauce in their wares will revolutionize your business if only you deployed their offerings. Don’t believe it. “Be suspicious if it looks like anything you would have seen in a movie,” Carlsson says.

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