Best mid-range phones in Australia Best mid-range phones

UPDATE: Realme has entered the mid-range battle with the incredibly impressive X3 SuperZoom, boasting premium-level specs and an impressive quad camera. Find out more about it on Page 5.

Premium phones have advanced at an accelerated pace over the last couple of years, with many flagship handsets adopting the kinds of features that wouldn’t seem out of place in a science fiction novel.

Wireless power sharing, in-display fingerprint scanners, encrypted Face-ID functionality, higher-end OLED displays, advanced multi-camera setups (some with as many as six sensors) and 5G network capability are all undoubtedly impressive features, but they’ve also helped to raise the cost of premium smartphones dramatically.

Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max is a powerhouse device and one of the best phones you can buy in 2020, but a top-end model will set you back AU$2,499. For many, phones in this price range will be prohibitively expensive. 

Thankfully, the rising cost of premium handsets has led to the creation of a category that can now be considered the new ‘mid-range’. Even well-known manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and Google have started to offer terrific phones that boast a number of flagship-level features at a much more reasonable price point.

We’ve taken the liberty of rounding up some terrific handsets that fit within the new mid-range category, which we’d consider to be anywhere between AU$600 and AU$1,050. Here are the best mid-range phones in Australia for 2020.

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