Three has produced the best Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus deal we’ve seen yet Samsung Galaxy S20 Pus deals

One of the most expensive devices currently on the market, the Galaxy S20 Plus is both a masterclass in specs and design from Samsung…and a hefty investment. Luckily, Three has produced a contract that will help drop the costs significantly.

Supplying 100GB of data at a price of just £47 a month, this is cheaper than most other Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus deals out there while also offering more data than most.

In fact, this is a plan closer to Samsung S20 deals in price than the Plus model and easily the best value contract we’ve seen across the S20 range since it launched. One more bit of good news – it’s exclusive to you readers of TechRadar.

You can find out more about this S20 Plus offer below or if you’re looking to save a little bit of cash, you can get the same deal on the regular S20 for £2 a month less.

This Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus deal in full:

What’s so good about the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus:
The S20 Plus is the middle tier in Samsung’s trio of phones, landing you the same powerful triple camera set-up as the regular S20 but with the addition of a depth vision lens that allows the creation of 3D feeling images. The battery is increased to a size of 4500mAh and the screen climbs to 6.7-inches.

Really, the S20 Plus is the best of both worlds, blending the more affordable price points of the S20 and the high-end specs of the Ultra into one neat package.

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