Samsung Galaxy Note 20 launch live blog: the big Unpacked event as it happens Samsung Galaxy Unpacked invite 2020

The next big Android phone of 2020 is just about to be unveiled at a virtual event, and it’s a first for one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers on the planet.

Samsung Unpacked 2020 (the second big event from the company this year) is set to take place later today – that’s August 5 – and we’re expecting to hear about a variety of new gadgets from the company.

We’re expecting the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy Fold 2 Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Tab S7, Galaxy Tab S7 Plus as well as a new pair of headphones and maybe even more that hasn’t been as heavily leaked.

It’s set to be an exciting showing from Samsung if the leaks and rumors are correct, so be sure to follow along in the run-up to the big event with our live blog, as well as through the show itself.

The event itself kicks off at 3PM BST / 10AM ET / 7AM PT or midnight AEST on August 6.

All times in Eastern Standard Time (EST)
04:55 – Looking foward to today’s big reveal? We recommend following along here with our live blog, but you can also watch the show and we’ve got a full guide on how to do it here.

Why not try both so you can watch along and read along with us at the same time?

04:00 – So what are we expecting to hear about today? There’s a lot for Samsung to run through, according to the leaks and rumors we’ve heard over the last few months. Here’s a small peek at what we expect:
02:00 – It’s early, but we just can’t sleep because of the Galaxy Note 20 launch. Alright, actually… we’ll come clean and we’re writing this from our London bureau so it’s not quite as early as that timestamp says.

But that doesn’t mean today isn’t exciting. The leaks and rumors are suggesting a ton of new announcements to join Samsung’s new range of devices.

Bookmark this page for the rest of your day as we run you through the biggest leaks so far, the ongoings of the day prior to the event – including any big leaks we see in the hours before – as well as talking you through the virtual Unpacked itself.

So settle down, and be sure to check back throughout the day as we introduce you to what to expect from Samsung’s next range of S Pen toting phones and more.

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