With Google Drive’s new shortcuts, you’ll never lose a file again

After years of pleading from users, Google Drive is finally getting a much-needed feature: shortcuts that point to files stored in another location.

If you use Google Drive frequently, you’ll know how frustrating it can be trying to find a single file in a jumble of folders. Yes, you could search for its name, but Drive’s limited sorting options and lack of filters mean you can still find yourself hunting for a needle in a haystack.

You’ll be able to create shortcuts pointing to files in other folders, or on shared Drives, without changing the original file’s location.

Quick clicks

Unfortunately you won’t be able to create a shortcut to any old file – you’re limited to Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, PDFs, JPGs, Microsoft Office files and folders. No creating shortcuts to your amusing cat GIFs, then.

The feature will arrive for paying G Suite users in the coming weeks (admins can now  [...]  read more

Today’s Cartoon: If You Thought Robocalls Were Bad…

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Felice Gimondi, a Paladina la camera ardente del campione. Gori: “Un monumento per ricordarlo”

Il feretro è arrivato nella notte, un lungo viaggio da Taormina a Paladina, alle porte di Bergamo. E’ qui che oggi, fino alle 20 di questa sera, è aperta la camera ardente di Felice Gimondi, il campione del ciclismo morto venerdì a Giardini Naxos per un malore mentre nuotava. A lui il Comune di Bergamo, adesso, vuole dedicare un monumento. Tre i paesi che hanno proclamato il lutto cittadino con bandiere a mezz’asta: Sedrina, Almè e Paladina.Con le bici per salutarlo: la camera ardente di Felice Gimondi
La camera ardente è stata allestita in una chiesetta
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Go big on storage with these 512GB Samsung S10 deals for the price of 128GB

Are you one of those people who doesn’t really trust the intangible notion of the cloud? Do you prefer to ‘own’ the media on your smartphone rather than stream it?

If that sounds like you, then you’re probably also somebody that likes to have a mobile phone with plenty of storage to keep your songs, snaps and films in your pocket at all times. And you inevitably also know that can get pricey, with manufacturers adding on big chunks of cash to the RRPs if you want the luxury of the extra space. Well Mobiles.co.uk is here to help, especially if you like the idea of grabbing a Samsung Galaxy S10 deal.

For the next few days, the award-winning online retailer is giving free upgrades when you purchase a Samsung Galaxy S10 on contract. So the normal price of a 128GB model, gets fast-tracked all the way up to 512GB. That’s a huge amount of storage for all the entertainment you need for your commute or travels, and on one of the world’s best handsets too.

We’ve [...]  read more

Dive Into the Existential Escapism of the Fish Tube

The people of Twitter long to be salmon. They ache to join the migrating fish on a speedy, effortless journey over hills and through valleys. They yearn for the frictionless embrace of a soft, pressurized tube capable of firing their (fish) bodies somewhere far, far away. They crave the salmon’s gentle splashdown. In other words, they want to hitch a ride on a device made to transport fish over the dams blocking the way to their spawning grounds. It’s called the Whooshh Fish Transport System, but on Twitter, it’s loving known as “the fish tube.”

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Spotify’s Premium Family plans get an explicit content filter

Other new features include “Family Mix,” giving you access to personalized playlists for the whole family. It’s updated regularly and allows granular control over who can contribute to each session so you don’t get too much Frozen or Baby Shark. There’s also a Family Hub, making it easier to add and remove users, adjust parental controls and keep your account info up to date.

Otherwise, you’ll still get six individual accounts for $15 per month, as before. Spotify requires that all members reside in the same household, even though tons of people share the feature among friends to save a few bucks. The company recently concluded verification tests to check that Family plans weren’t being abused, but has yet to say whether those will roll out more widely.

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