Facebook, Google and more unite to let you transfer data between apps

The Data Transfer Project is a new team-up between tech giants to let you move your content, contacts, and more across apps. Founded by Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft, the DTP today revealed its plans for an open source data portability platform any online service can join. While many companies already let you download your information, that’s not very helpful if you can’t easily upload and use it elsewhere — whether you want to evacuate a social network you hate, back up your data somewhere different, or bring your digital identity along when you try a new app. The DTP’s tool isn’t ready for use yet, but the group today laid out a white paper for how it will work.

Creating an industry standard for data portability could force companies to compete on utility instead of being protected by data lock-in that traps users because it’s tough to switch services. The DTP could potentially offer a solution to a major problem with social networks I detailed in April: you read more

Google AI experiment compares poses to 80,000 images as you move

“With Move Mirror, we’re showing how computer vision techniques like pose estimation can be available to anyone with a computer and a webcam,” Google said in a blog post. And if you’re worried about what’s happening with your image when you use Move Mirror, Google assures that it’s not being stored or sent to a server. Because Move Mirror is powered by TensorFlow.js, all of the pose tracking is done directly in your browser.

Other Google AI experiments have allowed users to type in statements or questions and get related book passages in response, or get rhymes based on what objects are in front of their cameras.

You can try out Move Mirror here and read more about how it was made here.

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Trump uses Google fine as ammunition against the EU

Trump uses Google fine as ammunition against the EU … President Donald Trump on Thursday used a recent fine against Google to fuel his … EU has targeted a number of US tech giants including Amazon, Apple, and Google with …
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