Tesla Stock Hits A Buy Zone As Analyst Notes An Improved Outlook

With Tesla stock in a new buy zone, a Wall Street analyst said Wednesday the electric carmaker's shares should break higher in coming weeks and …
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Strasbourg shooting: 2 dead, up to 8 wounded

France's interior minister says that two people have been killed and up to eight … that he would not give further details, saying he would travel to Strasbourg. … But France has been hit by several extremist attacks, including the 2015 …
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Google CEO won’t rule out relaunching in China

Members of the House Judiciary committee have today closely questioned Google’s CEO about the company’s intentions in China, following reports this summer it’s planning a controversial return to the market despite local censorship of Internet services.

Mountain View pulled its search engine out of China back in 2010, under pressure over censored search results. It also cited cyber attacks originating from the country as factoring into its decision to leave.

So Congress wanted to know what exactly had changed that Google is considering reversing that exit, and how doing so wouldn’t contradict its own “core values”.

A none-too-comfortable Pichai stuck closely to a qualified line on the topic, telling Congress Google has no plans “right now” to launch in China, thereby leaving the door open for a launch at a future date.

At the same time he pointed to Google’s “mission”, of making information digitally accessible, to justify what he couched as an exploratory, [...]  read more