Travel to Milan, Italy for Convention

I'm raising money for a trip to Milan, Italy to attend a Convention to meet my idol & favorite actor Tyler Blackburn. Would mean a lot to me to make this…
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Rubava soldi ai clienti: condannato

ROSIGNANO. Condannato a un anno e sei mesi per essersi appropriato dei soldi che i clienti gli consegnavano per pagare le tasse che dovevano allo Stato. Il giudice Carlo Cardi, del tribunale di Livorno, ha infatti emesso la sentenza di primo grado nei confronti del ragioniere Luca Barontini, fino ad …
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PowerUp releases its phone-controlled paper airplane

Most of the kits will arrive later in the month, although a few (including the standard Solo kit) might not ship until May.

As before, PowerUp’s Dart is all about converting paper planes from simple gliders into powered aircraft you can steer with an app. It should not only be less expensive than a model aircraft (especially if there’s a crash), but gives you the freedom to fold the airplane that suits your style. You can make a slow-but-steady distance champ, a speed demon or something in between. Think of it as a customizable remote-controlled machine that you can afford to fly aggressively.

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SFGATE: Top GOP donor issues ultimatum over gun control

Top GOP donor issues ultimatum over gun control
Published on February 18, 2018 at 12:45AM by Michelle Mark, provided by

Reuters/Thomas Baur

A top GOP donor threatened to withhold funds from Republican lawmakers unless they support an assault weapons ban.
His comments came just days after a deadly high-school shooting in Florida killed 17.
The shooting sparked nationwide outrage and an impassioned debate on gun control.
A major Republican donor issued a remarkable ultimatum on Saturday, vowing to withhold money from GOP candidates unless they support a ban on selling military-style guns to civilians.
“It’s the end of the road for me,” Al Hoffman Jr., a prominent Florida real-estate developer, told The New York Times.

Ancient city’s LiDAR scans reveal as many buildings as Manhattan

“That is a huge area with a lot of people and a lot of architectural foundations that are represented,” Fisher told The Guardian. According to their estimates, the city had around 1,500 structures per square kilometer of land. “If you do the maths,” he added, “all of a sudden you are talking about 40,000 building foundations up there, which is [about] the same number of building foundations that are on the island of Manhattan.” Further, LiDAR also led to the discovery that the city had an unusual layout, with big structures like pyramids and open plazas situated around the edges rather than in the center.

The Purépecha people existed at the same time as the Aztecs. While they are nowhere near as popular as their rivals, they were still a major civilization and had an imperial capital called Tzintzuntzan in western Mexico. Based on the team’s LiDAR scans, though, Angamuco is even bigger Tzintzuntzan. It likely wasn’t as densely populated, read more