Predicting the path for Bitcoin

In my last post, we discussed the characteristics that make money useful and explored whether Bitcoin has the potential to function as a form of money.
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Hyundai Motor opens big data center in Southwest China

GUIYANG — Automaker Hyundai Motor from the Republic of Korea has opened its first overseas big data center in Guian New Area, Southwest China’s Guizhou province.

According to the provincial commerce bureau, the center will provide data support for self-driving cars. The center will also cooperate with China Unicom, one of China’s largest telecom operators, to develop internet-based, intelligent data exchange services that are tailored to the needs of Chinese customers.

Guian New Area is already home to several big data centers for tech giants, including Apple, Tencent, and Huawei. Hyundai Motor is the first automaker to set up a big data center in the area.

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Myanmar’s Internet Disrupted Society—and Fueled Extremists

During the half century that they ruled the country, Myanmar’s military dictators occasionally turned to astrology for policy decisions. In the late ’80s, for example, the government switched the currency from units of 10 to nine, a more auspicious number. Economic turmoil followed. More recently, after an astrologer reportedly warned of an imminent American air strike, the capital was relocated from Yangon to a half-finished outpost in the middle of a jungle. Mass confusion ensued. Because of the dictatorship’s rigid controls on everything from media to education, hardly anyone had a mobile phone, and internet access was severely limited. People had little idea what was happening in the next town—let alone at the capital (wherever it was).

Myanmar’s citizens have, over the years, expressed their frustrations through a number of attempts at peaceful revolution, which the military leaders generally quashed with tanks and bayonets. But six years ago the government [...]  read more

Bitcoin – Now and into 2018

In the space of 9 months, the price of the cryptocurrency has inflated four times – and at one point, was five times its January 2017 benchmark price.
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CallDesk raises $2.5 million for its AI agent for customer support calls

It’s time to put an end to these dumb automatic customer support calls that ask you to press 1, then press 4, then press 2, then say “yes”… CallDesk is working on a virtual agent for customer support calls. Think something like Siri for customer calls. Point Nine Capital and EQT Ventures are investing in today’s funding round of $2.5 million (€2.1 million).

There are multiple components that make CallDesk stand out. First, the company has been working on natural language processing capabilities so that you can have a normal conversation with your virtual agent. It starts by understanding what you mean even if there are dozens of ways to say the same thing.

Second, CallDesk understands context. For instance, if you’re trying to book a dentist appointment, CallDesk knows your answer to the previous question. This way, you can say something like “what about a bit later on that day?” and CallDesk knows what day you’re talking about based on your previous answer.

“Our [...]  read more

The Morning After: Thursday, September 28th 2017

Everything gets a voice assistant.
Amazon Alexa blowout 2017

Amazon might not have YouTube on Echo anymore, but the devices are coming in several new shapes and sizes. Our three-minute wrap-up video from the big event shows everything you need to know, or you can dive in to check out our impressions of the new Echo speakers (now in regular or tall size), its small-screened Echo Spot or the latest Fire TV device, which puts 4K video streaming in a dongle. Plus, Alexa’s voice commands are coming to new apps like Hulu, and even in cars next year, starting with BMW. Finally, just to get maximum coverage, Amazon even has an Echo device for people who still have a landline phone.

Still a few issues to work out.
Apple TV 4K review

The Apple TV 4K is the streaming box Devindra Hardawar has been waiting for. He still loves its interface, while Apple has slightly tweaked the box’s remote, and it’s competitively pricing 4K movies. All good right? Well, there are a few drawbacks, [...]  read more

How Switzerland Became The Silicon Valley Of Robotics

On a Swiss roll: Sophia, a human-like robot developed by Hanson Robotics, at AI for Good, a June 2017 global summit in Geneva for government,  charity, industry and technology leaders to discuss AI’s ethical, technical, societal and policy issues. (Credit: FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images)

Switzerland. Mountains, lakes, chocolate, fondue and banks? Right? Only partly. The Alpine nation is now “the Silicon Valley of robotics,” according to Chris Anderson, chief executive of 3D Robotics.

Zurich boasts Google’s largest campus outside California, employing nearly 2,500 engineers, including more than 250 artificial intelligence specialists, with capacity to grow the total workforce there to 5,000.

The Swiss office of Disney meanwhile carried out the computer graphics working  for the movie-maker’s Frozen super-hit. And the key personnel and technologies of Deepmind, the artificial intelligence firm acquired by Google for $500 million just four years after its formation, [...]  read more

Good news, the SNES Classic Mini is just as hackable as the NES Classic Mini was

If you’re disappointed with the line-up of games included in the SNES Classic Mini, there is good news for you. Someone who managed to get their hands on a console a little early has managed to hack it.

According to a Reddit post, the same program that could be used to hack the NES Classic Mini works just as well on the new retro console. 

SpongeFreak52 found that the Hackchi2 program works without any additional tinkering: 

“After playing a few games, I wanted to see how it would behave when thrown at Hakchi2. To my surprise (though I guess I shouldn’t have been given the hardware similarities), it CAN have its kernel dumped and re-written with it with the current version.”

Enjoy this hack

He even tried putting a NES kernel in to see what happened, and it just made the power light blink. Luckily, reverting back to the SNES kernel also proved pretty easy to do. 

You might think that Nintendo would want to dissuade people from hacking it’s console, but it seems that might not be the case. [...]  read more