Rivian debuts a pull-out kitchen for its electric pickup truck

Sometimes you need scrambled eggs. And with that thought, today at the Overland Expo in Flagstaff, AZ, Rivian announced a major accessory for its electric pickup: A camp kitchen. The unit slides out from the Rivian R1T’s so-called gear tunnel that lives between the bed and cab. The kitchen includes storage and a stove that’s powered by the R1T’s 180kWh battery pack.

This kitchen unit is the first significant concept Rivian has unveiled for the pickup’s unusual gear tunnel. This space provides another locked storage compartment for the pickup — but why have it all, many asked when it was revealed? And now, with this kitchen unit, Rivian is responding to the questions. It seems Rivian wants to make its vehicles the center of an ecosystem of add-ons. The company already revealed racks, vehicle-mounted tents and even a flashlight that hides in the side of the driver’s door. Expect more camping and outdoor gear as Rivian cements its brand image around adventurers.

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Resident Evil 8: everything we want to see

When it was first released in 2017, Resident Evil 7 was a much-needed rejuvenation for the classic horror franchise. Capcom departed from its usual formula in a big way and even took the opportunity to embrace new experiences with PlayStation VR. This risk paid off and a large proportion of fans and critics embraced the changes, with a keen eye on what the next game might bring.

Two years on from Resident Evil 7’s release, and shortly after a very successful Resident Evil 2 remake, we think it’s a good time to peek around the corner and have a look at what the future of the franchise might look like. 

Whether it’s called Resident Evil 8 or not, we know that Resident Evil 7’s executive producer Jun Takeuchi has said plans for a sequel are “already in motion.” In light of that, we’ve gathered everything we know about Resident Evil 8 right here. 

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DNA Script picks up $38.5 million to make DNA production faster and simpler

DNA Script has raised $38.5 million in new financing to commercialize a process that it claims is the first big leap forward in manufacturing genetic material.

The revolution in synthetic biology that’s reshaping industries from medicine to agriculture rests on three, equally important pillars.

They include: analytics — the ability to map the genome and understand the function of different genes; synthesis — the ability to manufacture DNA to achieve certain functions; and gene editing — the CRISPR-based technologies that allow for the addition or subtraction of genetic code.

New technologies have already been introduced to transform the analytics and editing of genomes, but little progress has been made over the past 50 years in the ways in which genetic material is manufactured. That’s exactly the problem that DNA Script is trying to solve.

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REI Anniversary Sale: 26 Best Summer Outdoor Deals for 2019

This year, REI’s Anniversary Sale is running from May 17 to May 27. Whether you’ve been eying a big-ticket item like a paddleboard, or need to pick up another knife or replace a popped sleeping pad, it’s the best time of the year to pick up outdoor equipment at a huge discount. Conveniently, the Anniversary Sale also starts before Memorial Day, so you have time to pick up a new cooler before you show up at the campground.

We don’t highlight individual store sales all that often, but we really like REI. Recreational Equipment Inc was founded in 1938, and are one of the biggest customer cooperatives in the country. For many outdoor enthusiasts, REI is where they pick up their first piece of gear, along with expert advice, and top-quality rental service. We also like their policies on sustainability and environmental stewardship.

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Co-op Cycles DRT 1.1 Bike Is 15 Percent Off

Co-op Cycles

Are you curious about mountain biking? $424 is an astonishing price for a mountain bike that has front fork suspension and hydraulic disc brakes, and it’s pretty easy to upgrade the plastic pedals. It also comes with REI’s free tune-up within six months of purchase. You won’t find a better price [...]  read more

Google rolls out a refreshed, more personal Smart Display interface

The change isn’t just a fresh coat of paint. Google is partly prepping for the Nest Hub Max, which uses face detection to show Duo messages and reminders on the home screen when you gaze at the camera. In that light, this is as much about setting a new direction for Smart Displays as it is ensuring harmony in the smart home.

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