Phishing scam targeted UK airport users

The UK was targeted by a large number of significant cyber-threats last year, according to new government figures.

A wide-ranging phishing campaign that used spoof emails from a major UK airport to try and steal customer details was revealed as one of the biggest threats blocked by GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) last year.

The specific airport targeted has not been named, but the criminals used fake emails to try and target victims, sending out 200,000 emails claiming that recipients would receive a payout upon paying a small deposit.


The news was revealed in the NCSC’s Active Cyber Defence report – the second such time it has released such findings.

Overall, the NCSC disclosed said it had stopped 140,000 separate phishing attacks in 2018, as well as taking down 190,000 fraudulent sites – nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of which were offline within 24 hours of being detected.

Many fraudulent email campaigns took the form of HMRC communications, [...]  read more

Congress tries to limit Trump’s ability to ease Huawei restrictions

House representatives have introduced equivalent legislation on their side of Congress.

The politicians saw this as absolutely vital to protecting 5G networks. Senator Tom Cotton called Huawei a “front for the Chinese Communist Party,” while Senator Mark Warner argued that the Entity List’s restrictions “shouldn’t be used as a bargaining chip” in a trade war.

The measure might face a tough battle. Although congresspeople on both sides of the aisle support the act, they can’t override a presidential veto unless they secure the support of two thirds of both the House and the Senate. If that doesn’t happen, it’s doubtful that Trump will sign a bill limiting his authority.

This isn’t the first time Congress has tried to shoot down Trump’s attempts to restore trade with Chinese companies. Senators hoped to block the President’s deal with ZTE in 2018, but gave [...]  read more

Verified Expert Growth Marketing Agency: TrueUp

It was the perfect storm when CEO and Founder Liam Reynolds finally decided to start TrueUp, a data-driven growth marketing agency/consultancy based in London. After decades of working for large creative advertising agencies, Liam quit his job right around the beginning of Silicon Valley’s growth hacking trend and plunged headfirst into running growth for early-stage startups.

TrueUp has since evolved from a one-man shop into an award-winning agency with a team of dedicated data, paid marketing and conversion specialists. Learn more about how they collaborate with clients and help them develop short- and long-term growth frameworks.

TrueUp’s approach to growth marketing:

“Rather than just saying ‘Look at these amazing results we’ve achieved,’ we would say, ‘Look, these are your growth opportunities, this is the process you need and here’s the framework unlock your true potential,’ We would build business models around this to show the opportunity in numbers, revenue and ROI.

Our approach to growth is anchored [...]  read more

Milano, la provocazione di ActionAid a Salvini e Di Maio: ogni genere di coppia può adottare bimbo a distanza

«A Salvini e Di Maio il sostegno a distanza di Thila, una bimba senegalese di cui prendersi cura e avere responsabilità, accetteranno l’impegno?». È la «provocazione di ActionAid, organizzazione indipendente, impegnata in progetti internazionali e nazionali a sostegno dei diritti fondamentali dell’uomo. Martedì mattina in piazzale Baiamonti, un maxi poster con i vicepremier Matteo Salvini e Luigi Di Maio. La domanda è : «Affideresti un bambino a una coppia di questo genere? Noi sì».

shadow carousel
Piazzale Baiamonti, il maxi cartellone ActionAid con Salvini e Di Maio

Detto e proposto. Si chiama Thila e vive in Senegal la bambina che da oggi, grazie ad ActionAid, potrà essere sostenuta a distanza da una coppia sotto tutti i riflettori. Martedì è stato infatti consegnato nelle sedi di partito dei due leader il dossier di attivazione del sostegno a distanza a loro nome, con le informazioni relative alla bimba e al contesto in cui vive. Il Senegal è un Paese in cui un terzo della popolazione vive sotto la soglia di povertà [...]  read more

Netflix’s ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein’ Is a Fun Mess

David Harbour, best known for playing supernaturally beleaguered small-town cop Jim Hopper, is now on to even stranger things. In the mockumentary Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein, he plays a puffed-up version of himself, investigating the life of his father, David Harbour Junior, after he unearths footage of his dad’s televised stage play while killing rats in his mother’s attic. (Hell of an elevator pitch, right?) What Harbour discovers—the bizarre artifact that is the play Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein and lots more scandal besides—challenges everything he thinks he knows about his father in just about 30 minutes.

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What he finds is also bizarrely funny.

In real life, Harbour’s dad’s name is Ken and he’s in real [...]  read more

Amazon Prime Day 2019 India: best deals and offers

Amazon India‘s two day shopping fiesta, Amazon Prime Day 2019 is now live.  The sale is scheduled from July 15 and will go on till the next day, July 16. 

Amazon Prime was launched three years back in July 2016 and since then the e-tailer has hosted two Prime Day shopping sales in 2017 and 2018. It can be argued that the Prime Day sale by Amazon is fairly new here in India but platforms like Flipkart and Amazon keep the Indian consumer on their toes with regular shopping festivals around the month. Having said that, this year’s Amazon Prime Day is expected to be a full blown out effort by the Indian arm.

Here’s are the best deals from Prime Day 2019 sale in India.

Amazon Prime Day deals

Amazon India has revealed that this year’s Prime Day sale will be host to over 1,000 product launches, top deals [...]  read more