Recommended Reading: The race back to the Moon

Bound for the Moon: Apollo 11 preparation in photosAlan Taylor,The Atlantic

Sure, this more Recommended Looking, but this photo essay is a fascinating look at the process of prepping Apollo 11 for its historic mission. ‘We did the impossible’: What it was like inside Apollo 11’s Mission Control
Ashley Strickland,

A look inside Mission Control during the Apollo 11 moon landing? Yeah, you’ll want to read this one.

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Report: FTC approves a fine for Google over YouTube kids privacy probe

The FTC has been getting child privacy complaints against YouTube for years, according to previous reports. COPPA, after all, prohibits companies from collecting data from users under 13 and from targeting them with personalized ads. To better protect kids using the internet these days, the agency intends to reexamine how COPPA is enforced, seeing as a lot of young users access websites and video games that weren’t made for them.

Since the Post’s sources aren’t authorized to speak on the issue, the exact amount and the conditions of the settlement are still unclear. A multimillion dollar fine is likely chump change for a massive corporation like Google, and the FTC’s officials were reportedly divided on the settlement: it was reportedly backed by the agency’s three Republicans and opposed by its two Democrats. That said, the agency’s decision could affect the tech industry as a whole. As the Post noted, the issues privacy advocates [...]  read more

Join the first ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ community day tomorrow

Other community day perks include Foundables appearing more frequently, a free store pack featuring Spell Energy from the Diagon Alley shop and Dark Detectors that last twice as long. Those should help you save plenty of Muggles and ward off rogue magical creatures and misbehaving objects. Times of event vary by country, so be sure to check the schedule here, and as you play, Ninantic and WB Games hope you’ll share your progress using #WizardsUnite.

Community days were popular with Pokémon Go, and it’s not surprising that Ninantic would want to build a similar following around Wizards Unite. While Pokémon Go’s community days were monthly events, Ninantic and WB Games haven’t said how often they’ll host the Wizards Unite equivalent.

Get ready to gather your friends and head out around your neighborhood! The first Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Community Day is July 20. Learn more about Community Day here: #WizardsUnite

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Loki is joining ‘Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3’ for Switch

On August 30th, Cyclops and Colossus will be joining Thor’s brother and the rest of the alliance in a free update. Marvel Games will also roll out alternate outfits for the whole gang from launch through the first quarter of 2020.

Those who don’t mind shelling out $20 more for a paid Expansion Pass will be getting additional story content and playable characters from Fantastic Four, X-Men, Marvel Knights and other Marvel titles, as well. The pass will give players access to three DLC packs rolling out at different times — the first one, coming out this fall, will add Moon Knight, Blade, Punisher and Morbius to the game’s roster.

Check out the game’s trailer below:

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Barsys $1,500 robot bartender promises cocktails with AI precision

The “Keurig of cocktails” concept isn’t exactly new, but that’s not stopping companies like Barsys from perfecting the robotic bartender. Next week, Barsys is launching its robotic cocktail mixer 2.0. Like the original, the next iteration offers automated cocktails and customizable drink recipes. But now, you’ll be able to control the machine with up to three devices at a time, thanks to Bluetooth. And Barsys 2.0 will use AI to keep drinks consistent.

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Apple previews its ‘Peanuts’ series ‘Snoopy in Space’

The animated show is due to premiere sometime in the fall, possibly alongside Apple TV+ itself. While it was already evident that Apple will have a fairly diverse catalog of shows, this and other peeks hint that the company doesn’t intend to make you wait long for many (if any) of its announced initial titles. You might only find yourself scrounging for new material until significantly after the debut.

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‘PUBG’ update brings destruction and better visuals to the original map

The changes reflect the map’s battle-ravaged history, with abandoned tanks and artillery, trenches, shoreline barriers and camo netting littering the landscape, while some structures show more signs of damage. Based on player feedback, PUBG Corp is also reducing the grass density, color saturation and overall brightness.

'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds'


'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds'


Car radio is also coming to PUBG which, for an added touch of realism, only the vehicle’s driver will be able to control. Playable (and destroyable) turntables will also spawn randomly throughout Erangel.

The update also includes a litany of weapon tweaks and the first balance changes for vehicles, including an auto-acceleration feature, improved handling on real-wheel drive machines and tweaks to speeds and damage limits. Drivers will also be able to “lock” the BRDM-2 armored vehicle so only teammates can enter. In another gameplay update, you’ll be able to heal and boost while moving.

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Elon Musk’s Neuralink hopes to put sensors in human brains next year


The results so far come from testing on lab rats implanted with as many as 1,500 electrodes, which, everyone should be warned, may or may not transfer smoothly to work on humans. If it does work, Neuralink says its intention for the technology at first is to do things like help amputees, or restore the ability to see, talk and listen. Of course, as Elon has said previously, he believes that connecting our brains to computers will eventually be the only way to keep up with the progression of artificial intelligence, so while things may start here the plan is for something much more powerful.

One big reveal is that it “hopes” to begin working on human subjects as soon as the second quarter of next year. In the picture above, that was shown during the presentation, that small protrusion at the bottom right with the arrow pointing to it, is the size of the thread that it actually hopes to implant.


According to the article, its bundles of flexible threads are about one [...]  read more

Congress tries to limit Trump’s ability to ease Huawei restrictions

House representatives have introduced equivalent legislation on their side of Congress.

The politicians saw this as absolutely vital to protecting 5G networks. Senator Tom Cotton called Huawei a “front for the Chinese Communist Party,” while Senator Mark Warner argued that the Entity List’s restrictions “shouldn’t be used as a bargaining chip” in a trade war.

The measure might face a tough battle. Although congresspeople on both sides of the aisle support the act, they can’t override a presidential veto unless they secure the support of two thirds of both the House and the Senate. If that doesn’t happen, it’s doubtful that Trump will sign a bill limiting his authority.

This isn’t the first time Congress has tried to shoot down Trump’s attempts to restore trade with Chinese companies. Senators hoped to block the President’s deal with ZTE in 2018, but gave [...]  read more

‘Apex Legends’ will pit cheaters against each other

There’s more to it than that, of course. Respawn is working on AI that can detect and auto-ban cheaters, a system that can ban spam accounts before they’re used and a requirement for two-factor authentication in some regions for “high risk” users. Developers are also looking into how people party with cheaters. If you knowingly team up with a cheater, you’re still not interested in playing fairly.

This isn’t likely to deter some cheaters, especially if they can find ways to trick the AI and otherwise stay a step ahead. It’s also not as dramatic as Blizzard’s decision to shut down Overwatch matches when cheaters are involved. The matchmaking could make less dedicated cheaters think twice, at least, and it’s evident that Respawn sees this as an ever-evolving battle.

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