Nokia says its phones sent data to China by mistake

The company also rejected talk that other phones would send similar data. Every Nokia phone outside of China sends device data to HMD Global servers (provided by Amazon Web Services) in Singapore, the company said, and abides by local laws.

This won’t necessarily put the Finnish investigation to bed, and the claims about the nature of the data don’t paint a full picture. While they don’t directly identify a person, they could be used with corroborating info to get a clearer picture of that person’s life. Still, the issue appears to have been fixed — it’s just an unpleasant reminder that a slip-up at the factory is enough to put data at risk.

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GM will build a new Chevrolet EV at its Orion plant

GM has confirmed plans to build another electric vehicle at the same Orion Township, MI factory where it currently manufactures the Bolt, as well as test autonomous vehicles for Cruise. We don’t have a name or potential release date for this next EV, but it will use the same BEV3 platform underpinning the recently announced electric Cadillac on the way.

We visited GM’s Orion factory back in 2016 as it ramped up Bolt production, and now the plan is to invest some $300 million and add 400 jobs there. This week Ford also announced an expansion at one of its Michigan plants to build more electric and autonomous vehicles, so now all that’s left is waiting to hear about a battery-powered Mustang or Camaro.

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Intel is ending development of its Compute Cards

Compute Cards were first introduced by Intel at Computex in 2017. The concept behind the product was to fit all of the necessary computing power a device may need — CPU, RAM, storage, etc. — onto a single card. Those cards would then be interchangeable, allowing a person to quickly upgrade their desktops, laptops or other devices in a matter of minutes. Rather than swap out the pieces individually or let a machine slowly fall behind modern devices, the Compute Card would make it easy to stay up to date with the latest hardware.

One of Intel’s partners, NexDock, expressed some frustration over the discontinuation of Compute Cards. In a blog post, the company said it took them over a year to develop software that would allow its NexPad computer to work with Intel’s modular devices. With the machine finally ready, Intel is ceasing support for the Compute Cards and taking away the prospect [...]  read more

‘Battlefield V’ gameplay trailer shows its take on battle royale

And if you like vehicles, it’s your lucky day — the developers clearly want your choice of ride to play a greater role. You’ll find 17 vehicles in total, including tanks (usually only found in special vehicle lockups), a prototype-only helicopter, an amphibious Schwimmwagen (above) and, yes, a tractor. You can even tow anti-aircraft or anti-tank guns for some extra support.

As hinted earlier, there’s just one Firestorm map on offer so far (Halvøy), but it’s about ten times the size of the already large Hamana map in regular BFV.

Firestorm should be available to everyone for free on March 25th. It looks promising, although the challenge as always will be to convince gamers to give it a try. Between Fortnite, PUBG, Black Ops 4 and EA’s own Apex Legends, battle royale has a well-established audience. It’s not certain how well this lure gamers, especially when it’s part of a paid game in a mostly free-to-play market.

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Four players fight for undersea supremacy in ‘Swimsanity’

I was afforded a quick demo of the game at the Nintendo Nindies event at GDC 2019 on Wednesday and it left me breathless. The visuals are bright with a slightly cartoony art style that lends to the lighthearted (albeit intense) action. The controls are equally crisp and responsive — players aim their fire with the one control stick and move with the other, a la Smash TV. However, there’s far more to the game than simply swimming in circles while mowing down incoming swarms of enemies. The co-op Survival level that I enjoyed was riddled with warp gates, allowing players to teleport across the course to evade enemy mobs or launch surprise counterattacks to their rearguard.

The game offers a huge variety of gameplay options. Up to four people can play together online or locally (or a mix of the two with the CPU filling in), either working together to unlock more than 150 in-game challenges or facing off in head-to-head fights to the fin. There’s also an [...]  read more

Apple rolls out pastel Watch bands and iPhone cases for spring


Apple also designed the new Watch bands to match the color of the springtime cases. If you’re looking to buy a new Sports Band ($49), you’ll now find Delft Blue, Papaya and Spearmint as some of your options. The new Sports Loops ($49), on the other hand, come in Cerulean, Papaya, Spearmint and Lilac.

AppleYou can get Modern Buckle ($149) in Cornflower, Sunset and Lilac or Leather Loop ($149) in Cornflower and Sunset, as well. Nike+ Sport Bands are now available in Black/Hyper Grape, Teal Tint/Tropical Twist and Spruce Fog/Vintage Lichen color combinations, while Nike+ Sports Loops are available in single colors of Hyper Grape, Teal Tint and Spruce Fog.


Finally, the lineup includes new Watch Hermès Double Tour ($489) and and Single Tour ($339) bands in Rose Sakura/Craie/Argile and Bleu Iin/Craie/Bleu du nord tri-color gradients. Apple will roll out matching faces for these bands as part of watchOS 5.2, which could be due sometime after Apple’s March [...]  read more

Opera for Android ships with free VPN

If you’re unfamiliar with VPNs, the service allows you to create a private connection with a remote server that will communicate with websites that you’re visiting. Instead of sending and receiving information over a public network where it could potentially be intercepted by a malicious actor, all of those exchanges are handled by the server. With an encrypted connection between your phone and the VPN server, your data is indecipherable to anyone trying to spy on your actions online.

Opera’s built-in VPN uses 256-bit encryption to protect data. It also obscure’s a user’s true location by connecting to servers located around the world. While the company didn’t specify what will be available for locations for its VPN, the beta version allowed users to select servers in America, Europe or Asia, or use a setting to automatically pick the best available connection. Opera is also promising not to keep logs of user activity, so it won’t retain any data [...]  read more

Arcimoto’s latest three-wheeled EV is designed for deliveries

Like Arcimoto’s FUV, the Deliverator is something between a car and a motorcycle. It will get around 100 city miles per charge, and it will top out at 75 mph — just like the FUV. And it will start at $19,900, which you might have guessed, is the cost of the first edition FUV.

But, the Deliverator will also have a 350-pound carrying capacity and more than 20 cubic feet of cargo space, which can be customized to carry anything from parcels to pizza, groceries, pharmaceuticals and dry cleaning. The company hopes it will be an efficient alternative to delivery vans and trucks that’s easier to maneuver around cities.

This is Arcimoto’s third electric vehicle. It has another (again, very similar) model developed for emergency responders. That makes the Deliverator seem more like Arcimoto trying to get as many uses out of one concept than something totally novel, but if it’s a green way to get your pizza faster, it can’t be all bad. While Arcimoto has opened [...]  read more

Google wants Tasks to handle all your reminders

When the time you indicated for a specific entry comes up, it’ll trigger a Calendar notification on desktop. You’ll also get a notification on your Android or iOS device via the Tasks application. And in case you forget to mark the entry as completed, you’ll get a second notification at 9AM the next day.


In addition, you can now import reminders from Inbox or Gmail, Calendar and Assistant. The Tasks mobile app will show you a prompt asking if you’d like to import existing reminders when you fire it up, but you can also do it manually. Simply access the overflow menu within the Tasks option in Calendar and choose “Copy reminders to Tasks.” Just take note that it’s a one-time import, and those entries won’t be syncing with their counterparts in other G Suite programs when you edit them — after all, Google is rolling out these changes to encourage [...]  read more

The UK is testing its first full-sized autonomous bus

The sensor package onboard includes radar, LIDAR, optical cameras, ultrasound and satellite navigation. As with all autonomous vehicle technology, there’s a chance for cross over into manually driven vehicles, where this tech might do things like warn bus drivers of cyclists or pedestrians in blind spots.

While this autonomous bus is still in its infancy — and limited to driving around a bus depot — it’s a significant step in the UK’s autonomous vehicle progress. It may not be quite as exciting as an autonomous fighter jet, taking a ride in an underground tunnel around Las Vegas, or FedEx delivery robots, but buses will likely be the first autonomous mass-transit we see, and this takes us one step closer.

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