Netflix records all of your Bandersnatch choices, GDPR request reveals

Netflix keeps a record all of your Bandersnatch choice data from its Black Mirror choose-your-own-adventure film, a technology policy researcher has discovered. The researcher, Michael Veale, obtained his viewing data after emailing Netflix to request it under GDPR’s right of access rules. Motherboard reports that Veale’s aim was to use the experiment to educate people about how to use the law to request their data, and to encourage companies to make it more readily available.

Although it’s unsurprising that Netflix knows which choices each user made during its interactive film, Veale used the experiment to highlight that the streaming service never asks for permission to store your choices. Netflix told the researcher that it stores the data to “inform the personalised recommendations you see in future visits” as well as to help it, “determine how to improve [Bandersnatch’s] model of storytelling.”

After sending Netflix a copy of his passport, he received a PDF and a CSV file

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The Role Of Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning In Driving Customer Experience


While there’s a lot of excitement about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), there seems to be significantly less understanding of their capabilities and how marketers can utilize them to potentially change the customer experience. Even so, many brands are rapidly embracing both. As the CEO and founder of a company that uses AI and ML to help brands gain insights from customer data and help marketers apply those insights along the path to purchase, I’ve seen firsthand the progress as brands move from manually coding predictive models trying to improve broad segment responses to using AI and ML to automatically tailor messages, content and offers to the individual.

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Schwarzenegger’s Son Just Nailed One of His Dad’s Iconic Poses

Like father, like son. Except not quite as thicc.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son, Joseph Baena, is apparently taking after his father in the bodybuilding department. In a recent Instagram photo, the 21-year-old struck the same legendary pose his father made famous back in the ’70s, showing off his lats and biceps.

“Just a lil thicc,” Baena wrote in the caption.

Hey, we get it—not all of us can be former Mr. Universes and seven-time winners of Mr. Olympia. Here’s the iconic pose in a photo from 1976:

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Getty ImagesJack Mitchell

We know the Austrian Oak is proud of his son’s progress in the gym. In a birthday message in October of 2017, Schwarzenegger called Baena “a fantastic son and great training partner.”

“You get stronger and smarter every year and I’m so proud of you,” he said.

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