Trump follows Amazon jabs by ordering US Postal Service review

Trump has said that the USPS loses $1.50 for every Amazon package it delivers. However, experts have countered that the while the service does lose money delivering first class mail, e-commerce package deliveries are profitable. In 2017 they brought in $19.5 billion, up 11.4 percent over the year prior.

Trump ordered the task force to look at how the USPS does package deliveries with companies like Amazon, and also at declines in mail volume. “A number of factors, including the steep decline in first-class mail volume, coupled with legal mandates that compel the USPS to incur substantial and inflexible costs, have resulted in a structural deficit,” the order states. “The USPS is on an unsustainable financial path and must be restructured to prevent a taxpayer-funded bailout.”

Amazon also uses all major logistics companies in the US. Amazon does use USPS but, if an arrangement were to become uneconomic to Amazon, Amazon has plenty of options. What are the options [...]  read more


PullRequest pulls in $8M Series A just months after scoring seed round

PullRequest has been on a whirlwind lately, but it’s the kind that any startup would likely welcome. The company was in Y Combinator last August just trying to learn the startup ropes. By December it had scored a $2.3 million seed round — and it’s keeping it going. Today the company announced an $8 million Series A led by seed investor Google Gradient Ventures, who also led the seed round.

Today’s investment includes from participation from other seed investors too including Y Combinator, Fika Ventures, Lynett Capital and Defy Partners. That brings the total raised to $10.3 million in just a few months.

What is warranting such positive investor attention? PullRequest is working to solve a big developer pain point. As development cycles speed up, the part of the process that tends to suffer is code quality assurance (QA). As company founder and CEO Lyal Avery told TechCrunch last August, it’s using on demand reviewers to solve the problem.

“We offer code review as a service. [...]  read more

OnePlus 5T meldes udsolgt – OnePlus 6 er lige på trapperne

Der har gået rygter om, at OnePlus 6  er ved at være på trapperne, og hvis man behøver et klarere bevis på dette, er det værd at bemærke, at OnePlus har oplyst, at OnePlus 5T er udsolgt på selskabets websites i UK  og i resten af Europa.

Den blev også meldt udsolgt i USA for et par uger siden, og det betyder formentlig, at det bliver svært at få fat i OnePlus 5T mange steder verden over.

Tjekker man hos danske forhandlere er den fortsat til salg flere steder, men det varer næppe længe, før når næste version dukker op,  og så vil de fleste formentlig koncentrere sig om denne.

Tidligere end forventet

Det skal bemærkes, at meddelelsen om, at OnePlus5T er udsolgt over hele Europa også nævner, at det sker tidligere end forventet. Derfor skal vi måske vente nogle uger på OnePlus 6.

På den andenside siger rygterne, at lanceringen skal ske i april, så måske varer det kun nogle få uger. Og vi ved allerede meget om OnePlus 6, bl.a. at den vil have  Snapdragon 845 chipset, 8 GB of RAM, 256 [...]  read more

Privacy Shield now facing questions via legal challenge to Facebook data flows

The Irish High Court has referred for a second time a legal challenge to Facebook’s EU-US data transfers to Europe’s top court, seeking a preliminary ruling on a series of fundamental questions pertaining to the clash between US mass surveillance law and EU citizens’ fundamental privacy rights.

The sustainability of the EU-US Privacy Shield mechanism — which thousands of companies rely on to expedite transfers of personal data across the Atlantic — looks to be at stake.

The case is based on a 2013 complaint by lawyer and privacy campaigner Max Schrems against Facebook (and other tech giants) related to US surveillance law. Schrems drew on information about US intelligence agency practices and systems for sucking up data that had been revealed by NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden.

In 2015, a landmark ECJ judgement overturned a long-standing EU-US data transfer mechanism, called Safe Harbor, as a result of his legal action.

Schrems then updated his complaint, this time focusing [...]  read more

Telegram banned in Russia following court ruling

It’s no secret that Telegram has a terrorist problem due to the emphasis it places on user privacy — in fact, the company has been blocking ISIS channels for years, though new ones continue to pop up. But it’s also because of how much Telegram values security and privacy that its founder, Pavel Durov, wouldn’t budge no matter hard the agency pushed.

While his company eventually agreed to register with the Russian government as an information distributor that officially operates within the country, Durov refuses to comply with any request that can compromise user data. As a result, Russian communications watchdog Roskomnadzor asked the court to ban the app.

According to Russian news agency Tass, the ban will take effect immediately. However, Financial Times says the ban will likely come into effect after Telegram has exhausted all its appeals next month, and Roskomnadzor can only order internet providers [...]  read more

Catching up With Pepper, the Surprisingly Helpful Humanoid Robot

Listen, humans are great and all, but sometimes they’re horrible. That’s especially true if you’ve just spent 12 hours stuck in a flying aluminum tube with a few hundred of them. Now all you want to do is lock yourself in a hotel room, and for the love of all that is holy get away from humans.

Ah, but wait. The cursed fates dictate that someone’s gotta check you into your hotel. So you roll into the lobby, heartbroken, to find humans behind the counter, but also a humanoid robot called Pepper. You strike up a conversation with the robot, and one thing leads to another and it’s checked you into your room, no human interaction required.

You’ve just avoided getting cranky with a well-meaning person, sure. But you’ve also done something more subtle: You’ve interacted with a robot like few humans have before you. Because Pepper is part of the first wave of intelligent machines that promise to not only make our lives easier, but to bring a strange new form of [...]  read more

Police across the US are buying an affordable iPhone cracker

Based on an earlier report by Malwarebytes, GrayKey is a small box that can unlock two iPhones at a time. (See the two connectors in the image of the device below?) It was developed by Atlanta company Grayshift, which is run by long-time US intelligence agency contractors and a former Apple security engineer, according to Forbes. To use GrayKey, all cops need to do is connect a phone to it for two minutes. They simply have to wait a bit after it’s unplugged to see a black screen pop up with the passcode — how long they’d have to wait depends on how complex the passcode/passphrase is.

[Image credit: Malwarebytes]

But more than being easy to use, it’s incredibly affordable for what it can do. If you’ll recall, the feds paid Israeli company Cellebrite $900,000 [...]  read more

LG G7 ThinQ:n nimi ja julkaisupäivä on nyt varmistettu

Olemme kuulleet viime aikoina huhuja LG G7:n erikoisesta nimestä. Huhut osoittautuivat todeksi, sillä LG vahvisti, että se aikoo nimetä uusimman lippulaivansa G7 ThinQ:ksi.

Yhtiön eteläkorealaisella kotisivulla julkaistu lehdistötiedote paljasti myös, että puhelimen julkistustilaisuus pidetään New Yorkissa 2.5.

Yhtiö ei kertonut muita lisätietoja, mutta puhelimen nimen perusteella sen voisi olettaa muistuttavan LG V30S ThinQ:ta, joka hyödyntää useita keinoälyominaisuuksia. Puhelimen kamera osaa muun muassa tunnistaa kuvattavan kohteen ja optimoida kuvausasetuksensa sen mukaisesti. 

Parantuneet keinoälyominaisuudet olisivat kiinnostava päivitys puhelimeen, mutta ThinQ-lisänimi itsessään kuulostaa melko kömpelöltä.

Osa artikkelimme linkeistä johtaa englanninkielisille sivuille. Teemme jatkuvasti töitä saadaksemme entistä useamman sivun suomen kielelle.

This is apparently the five shades of the LG G7 ThinQ. (credit: Android Headlines)

This is apparently the five shades of the LG G7 ThinQ. (credit: Android Headlines)

Yksi puhelin, viisi eri väriä

Julkisuuteen on myös vuotanut tietoja puhelimen mahdollisista värivaihtoehdoista.

 [...]  read more

Best Amazon Device Deals: Huge Kindle, Fire Sale (April 2018)

Fire tablets and Kindle e-readers are rarely expensive (at least unless you buy the luxe Kindle Oasis). They’re built to be affordable, but this week they’re at the lowest prices we’ve seen since late 2017. We’ve compiled every decent deal on Amazon-branded devices going on right now. The Fire HD 8, Fire TV 4K, and Kindle are now down to about $50 each, which is crazy. Other devices, like the Cloud Cam are now at or near the $100 mark.

You’ll need Amazon Prime to get most of these deals. It costs $6 per month and has a free trial. Most of you probably already have it, though.

Fire Tablets On Sale


We’re fans of some of Amazon’s Fire Tablets. The Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 are our two favorites, along with the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition (if you’re buying for a little one). All three are listed in our Which is the Best Fire Tablet? article.

We do not recommend the Fire HD 7 because [...]  read more

The Morning After: NTSB’s tiff with Tesla

Guess what color.Taking a deep look at Apple’s Product RED iPhone 8 Plus

Since the special edition iPod Nano in 2006, Apple’s continued to sell Product RED versions of its products to raise funds for the fight against AIDS. And here’s the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in stores today. Chris Velazco ogled, and indeed, it’s red. A really nice, deep red.

Its CEO cut a plea deal with federal and state pleaded guilty to human trafficking

The Justice Department revealed Backpage CEO Carl Ferrer pleaded guilty to federal charges of money laundering before the site was seized on April 6th. The business entered a guilty plea in Texas to a charge of human trafficking. Ferrer is now facing up to five years in prison and is cooperating in the prosecution of site co-founders Michael Lacey and James Larkin.

Good luck telling the difference on that $80 Crosley you bought at Target.Apparently high-definition vinyl is coming next year

Austria-based Rebeat Innovation [...]  read more