19 Best Tech Deals on PC Gaming, Camping Gear, and More

This week was a great week in Gadget Land. Not only did Apple release a new desktop and new AirPods, it released the latest version of its beloved iPad Mini and iPad Air. Amazon also issued its latest Kindle ebook reader, and it costs less than $100. But while we wait for our credit cards to clear and our shipping boxes to arrive, we found 19 of our favorite deals on a great drone, a very affordable backpacking bundle, and much more.

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The GoPro Hero7 Is $100 Off

Our reviewer Brent Rose refers to the GoPro as “the Band-Aid of action cameras,” but that’s for a good reason. The latest iteration has truly impressive in-camera image stabilization, a waterproof mic, [...]  read more

Gadget Lab Podcast: Google Takes on Microsoft, Amazon in Gaming

Google’s Project Stream, first unveiled last October, gave gamers a taste of what it would be like to stream heavy games directly from the cloud—from a Chrome browser, even. That effort has now evolved into something much, much more ambitious. At the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week, Google formally announced Stadia. Stadia is Google’s bet on next-generation gaming: It exists entirely in the cloud, with a physical, WiFi-enabled controller that connects to whatever computer you’re playing on.

WIRED’s Peter Rubin was at GDC this week for Google’s big reveal, and he joins the latest Gadget Lab episode to talk about how Stadia is supposed to work when it launches later this year. The Gadget Lab team also discuss how Google is taking aim at Microsoft’s and Amazon’s cloud gaming services, and tries to answer the most important question of all: Is streaming and capturing 4K games totally going to destroy our Google Drive subscriptions?


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10 Best Fitness Trackers (and Fitness Watches) for 2019

After a foray into lower-priced offerings, Suunto is back to focusing on its group of hardcore users, like ultrarunners, backpackers, and mountain guides. While most GPS watches offer around 10-15 hours of continuous tracking, Suunto’s FusedTrack algorithm offers up to 120 hours by using motion sensor data to extend the time in between GPS pings. The watch also automatically switches battery modes if it notices you running low during an exercise, and warns you to charge before big events. I found it a little big to wear, and Suunto’s app is a horror—you’d be better off using one of their partner apps, like TrainingPeaks. Still, you will never end a long, grueling race to find out that your watch didn’t track a thing.
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The Best Kindle Readers You Can Buy (2019)

Best for Most


Kindle (2019)

If you’re looking for an ebook reader, this has all the essentials. We haven’t been able to test Amazon’s 2019 Kindle just yet, but with nearly 12 years of Kindles under it’s belt, we’re hopeful Amazon has its formula down pat. This model has an adequate 6-inch E Ink capacitive touchscreen for reading, and it lights up so you can read in the dark—a first for a Kindle under $100. It can also stream Audible audio books to headphones via Bluetooth, but its storage is limited to 4 gigabytes (about 4,000 megabytes). For reference, an hour of audio will take up about 30 megabytes, so it can probably fit a dozen or so audiobooks. Like most ebook readers, it gets about 3-6 weeks of battery life, depending how much you read. It ships April 10.

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Apple AirPods 2019: Price, Specs, Release Date

Apple just revealed a new pair of wirefree AirPods, the first significant update to the product since its original introduction in late 2016. They include a new, Apple-designed chip made specifically for faster wireless connections, that also promises 50 percent more talk time, although although Apple hasn’t said whether the battery itself is larger.

The new AirPods look exactly the same as the first pair, but are built with what Apple is calling the “H1” chip, which replaces the W1 chip that made its way into the original AirPods and some Beats headphones. Apple says the new chip makes the headphones perform more efficiently and connect to your device faster. Apple also says it adds up to an extra hour of talk time with the ‘pods; the new battery life claim is five hours of listening time, three hours of talk time per charge. You can also summon Siri on the new AirPods using voice only; the previous pair required you to tap on one of the AirPods.

Apple hasn’t [...]  read more

With Google Stadia, Gaming Dreams Head For the Cloud

Last October, Google gave away one of the biggest videogames of the year, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. You didn’t have to specify which game console you wanted to play it on, or even whether you preferred PC to console. Format didn’t matter at all, because the game you were playing was stored on Google’s massive cloud-server infrastructure. The limited time offer was a wide scale beta test for something called Project Stream—Google’s bet that the next generation of gaming would leave consoles behind and bring people games wherever they were, thanks to the power of the cloud.

The bet seems to have paid off. This morning at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Google announced that Project Stream had evolved into something even more ambitious.


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HP’s New Reverb VR Headset Bumps Up the Resolution

Back in 2017, HP released its first virtual reality headset. The HP Windows MR Headset, which ran on Microsoft’s mixed reality platform, was designed to compete with products like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. But mixed and virtual reality headsets have evolved a lot in just a couple years, with companies pushing the envelope both in terms of resolution and inside-out tracking, and HP is right on trend.

Today HP revealed its newest virtual reality headset, the HP Reverb. One of the biggest changes is a significant bump in the resolution of the LCD panel built into the tethered headset, as had been previously reported. The price has swelled, too: The HP Windows MR Headset cost $449 for a headset bundled with controllers, and can be found now for as little as $260. The Reverb bundle will cost between $599 and $649 when it ships in late April, depending on whether it’s the consumer version or enterprise headset.

The Reverb weighs 1.1 pounds, lighter than the 1.8 pounds [...]  read more

Ooni Koda Pizza Oven Review: A Backyard Pie Party

I live in Portland, Oregon, a city in which notifying your host of your eating restrictions is just good manners. Maybe you too have friends who are vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free. Or lactose-intolerant, paleo, or perhaps adhering to my toddler’s diet, which is best described as “pepperoni.”

In this fraught environment, pizza has saved our social life. Pizzas are customizable and dough is cheap to make. And they’re fun! But moving an oven or lending someone yours isn’t easy. For example, when I reviewed the Ooni Pro last year, I noted that it weighed 57 pounds, sported a tall chimney, and had four loose cordierite stones in the bottom. It’s not convenient to disassemble it and throw it in your trunk.

This year, I tested the Ooni Koda, which has proven to be the easiest backyard pizza oven that I’ve tried so far. It weighs a mere 20.4 pounds out of the box and easily hooks up to a propane tank. If you’ve been vaguely entertaining thoughts of acquiring [...]  read more

Best iPads (2019): Which New iPad Should You Actually Buy?

Just don’t. I know money is tight, but your sanity is important, too. Yes, there’s a chance an older iPad could still perform decently, but unless someone is giving you one for free, try to hunt for a newer model. Many of the older iPads no longer receive software updates, and they’ll seem sooooo slow compared to your phone and your computer. The Mini 1 and iPad 1-2 also have very low-res screens. Forget buying an iPad Air 1—those are too long in the tooth. If you’re buying something for a child to use, try Amazon’s Fire tablets instead, which are cheaper than any new iPad and still have tons of kid-friendly features and parental controls.
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Apple iPad Air 2019 and iPad Mini 2019: Price, Specs, Release Date

Blink and you might have missed the early-morning tweet from Apple CEO Tim Cook—the one showing him scrawling the word “Hello” on an iPad Mini using a stylus. An updated Mini is the device that small-tablet fans have been hoping for since 2015, the year the iPad Mini 4 launched. It’s been so long since the Mini saw an update, some people presumed the product to be dead.

But it turns out the iPad Mini lives again, as does the sleek iPad Air. New versions of both were announced by Apple this morning.

The iPad Mini and iPad Air are “new” in the accurate sense of the word; they have new processors and updated displays. They also both now support the Pencil, Apple’s $99 stylus. They effectively replace all previous Mini and Air tablets. But their names and their builds are throwbacks: white bezels where Apple’s pricier tablets have [...]  read more