Livekick raises $3M to use live video for one-on-one training

Livekick, a startup that gives customers access to one-on-one personal training and yoga from their home (or hotel room, or elsewhere), is announcing that it has raised $3 million in seed funding.

The company was founded by entrepreneur Yarden Tadmor and fitness expert Shayna Schmidt. Tadmor said that with all his travel for work, his fitness routine “really eroded,” so he contacted Schmidt and asked her to train him remotely — they’d connect via FaceTime, he’d mount his phone at the gym and she’d supervise his workout.

“We trained this way for a while, and then we realized: Hey, this is something that other people can really benefit from,” Tadmor said.

So with Livekick, users can sign up for one, two or three live, 30-minute sessions with a remote trainer, who they’ll connect with via the Livekick [...]  read more

Netflix’s Anything-Goes Philosophy Gets to Parody Rap with Lonely Island’s ‘Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience’

After surprising Super Bowl 2018 viewers with an ad announcing that sci-fi movie The Cloverfield Paradox would be arriving imminently, Netflix chose not to make a habit of similar ambushes. Instead, it left that practice to the musicians. Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, Eminem, Death Grips, Drake, and Beyoncé again (this time as half of The Carters) have all leveraged the factory-free nature of the streaming industry in recent years to unleash albums with little to no advance warning.

Well, Netflix seems to be warming up again. In April, its partnership with horror studio Blumhouse Productions spawned two separate cinematic jump-scares, Mercy Black and Thriller. Earlier this month, Chinese sci-fi blockbuster The Wandering Earth snuck onto the platform with nary a US trailer or official acknowledgment. Each makes sense in its way; genre fans were presumably likely to find the newcomers in their suggested new releases, simply by virtue of their viewing habits.

What’s a little [...]  read more

The best Memorial Day sales 2019: a guide to the best deals so far

Memorial Day weekend has officially begun! That means not only a long holiday break filled with outdoor activities but also fantastic deals from your favorite retailers. You can find Black-Friday like prices from Walmart, Home Depot, Amazon and more. Memorial Day sales include huge discounts on grills, laptops, mattresses, patio furniture and more.

To help guide you through all the promotions and offers, we’ve put together a list of the best sales that are currently going on. We’ve also hand-picked the top deals from a variety of categories such as appliances, electronics, home items and more. Some standout deals include discounts on the Apple Watch 3, 4K Fire TV Stick, Dyson V7 Vacuum Cleaner and the latest model Apple iPad.

We’ll be updating this page throughout the holiday weekend, so you don’t miss out any sale events. 

The best Memorial Day sales:

Our best Memorial Day sale picks:

Smart watches

Fitbit [...]  read more

‘Observation’ is a tense, atmospheric puzzler where you play a modern HAL 9000

When you watch 2001: A Space Odyssey, do you find yourself criticizing HAL 9000’s machinations and thinking, “I could do better than that!” If so, Observation may be right up your alley. In it you play a space station AI called SAM that is called upon by the humans on board to help resolve a deadly mystery — though you may be a part of it yourself.

The game takes place in the near future on board the titular space station, a sort of expanded version of the ISS. You are booted up by astronaut Emma Fisher after an unspecified event that seems to have damaged the station. You, as the Systems Administration and Maintenance AI, are tasked with helping her as she first tries to simply survive the immediate aftermath, then starts to investigate what happened.

To do so you perform various tasks such a digital agent would do, such as unlocking and opening hatches, checking for system errors, collecting information from damaged laptops and so on. It’s mostly done through the many cameras [...]  read more

First American security flaw leaked 885 million real estate documents

Due to the nature of its business, those files include a variety of sensitive information, including bank account numbers and statements, mortgage and tax records, Social Security numbers, wire transaction receipts and drivers license images. Ben Shoval, the real estate developer who discovered the vulnerability and who told Krebs about the issue, also said that small business clients might’ve even given First American access to internal documents.

After Shoval contacted Krebs about the issue earlier this week, the security researcher confirmed that the company’s website was returning documents simply by changing digits in the URL. First American ultimately switched off the part of its website that served those files by around 2PM on May 24th. Krebs clarified however, that he has no information suggesting the exposed files were harvested. It’s also unclear when the vulnerability first showed up, though Krebs discovered that it’s been around since at least March [...]  read more

Apple’s MacBook Pro Keyboard Fix Comes Down to Tiny Tweaks

Earlier this week, Apple announced an update to its top-of-the-line MacBook Pro laptops. Most notably, that update included a change to the keyboards that have been causing problems for some customers in recent years. Apple said on Tuesday that the change related to a material in the laptop’s third-generation keyboard, which uses a butterfly-switch mechanism. Now we have a little more insight into what those changes might be.

According to iFixit, the company that publishes online repair guides, sells parts, and shares information on consumer products after it has torn them apart, the new MacBook Pro keyboard does appear to have some different materials in it. But those changes still don’t shed a whole lot of light on exactly which problem Apple is trying to solve for, as the iFixit report points out.

Using specialized equipment (called Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, for those who really want to know), iFixt discovered at least two material differences in the [...]  read more

Automattic buys Prospress in digital subscription push

The company behind and WooCommerce, Automattic has acquired the startup Prospress as it looks to expand its digital subscription offerings.

The small startup made a name for itself by developing a recurring payment solution specifically designed for WooCommerce called WooCommerce subscriptions.

By acquiring Prospress, Automattic will be able to charge its customers regularly through digital subscriptions to WooCommerce while controlling a larger part of the ecommerce stack.

In addition to WooCommerce subscriptions, Prospress has also developed several other online tools including a marketing automation tool to remind customers when they have abandoned their carts while shopping online and a tool to test an online store’s checkout functionality before it goes live.

Prospress acquisition

Once the acquisition is complete, the Prospress team will continue work on its own products while joining the rest of the WooCommerce team.

Currently the company has 20 employees which gives you an idea of its [...]  read more