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After Math: Oh boy, new toys!

Seven feet of Christmas cheer: For $115, Amazon will be more than happy to deliver a Douglas Fir to your front door. Just be sure to tip the delivery driver if you live at the top of a four-flight walk-up.

$60: Want to “Switch” up your gaming experience? Now you can relive the nostalgia — and hand-cramping ergonomics — of the original NES controllers with the new generation of Nintendo console!

$1,100: The Xs Max only $300 more than last year’s flagship Apple phone. What’s the big deal? It’s not like you’re going to trade it in for an updated model exactly 11 months and three weeks from now.

The Spotify App is shown in an Apple iPad mini

10,000: Spotify finally, finally got around to loosening its chokehold on the number of songs its users can download for offline playback and did so in a big way this week. The company announced that it would effectively triple the cap, jumping from 3,333 songs up to a cool 10,000. Because who doesn’t love round numbers?

300 [...]  read more

The 21-day bitcoin challenge

There is a documentary series currently airing on iQiyi, China’s Netflix equivalent, about a Chinese bitcoin enthusiast who attempts to survive 21 days by merely living on 0.21 bitcoin, or $1,300, without any help or donations.

He You Bing is traveling and carrying nothing with her, and she has to retrieve food, housing, and basic necessities all through bitcoin transactions done on her phone. Interestingly, she is also doing this challenge in some of China’s largest cities including Beijing and Shenzhen.

Her name is something of a nom de guerre – a nickname, with “You Bing” directly translating to “having a disease,” and the whole name alludes to the girl’s over-enthusiasm for bitcoin.

It’s a fascinating time for making this attempt. In the last few weeks, there have been numerous reports of China’s crypto bans – including Beijing and Shenzhen banning [...]  read more

Watch out: there’s a new web code exploit that can crash your iPhone

 You should always be wary of links sent over email and social media – even if they seem to come from a trusted source – but it’s worth being particularly suspicious this weekend: iOS security researcher Sabri Haddouche just discovered a new block of web code that can crash and restart an unsuspecting iPhone.

The carefully configured CSS code can use up all of the resources of a device, causing the core of the operating system to panic and shut down in the interests of self-preservation, TechCrunch reports. It seems to work on both iOS 11 and the iOS 12 beta.

There’s no way to actually run any malicious code using the exploit though, so you won’t find any of your apps or data compromised as a result of visiting one of these webpages. You might, however, find your iPhone crashing instantly after you’ve opened up what looked like an innocuous web link sent by one of your contacts.

Don’t panic

You can dig into the source code of the exploit for yourself if you know your CSS [...]  read more

Lombardia, ecco i nuovi treni pendolari: prese Usb, wi-fi e videosorveglianza. I primi nel 2020

Il treno di “nuova generazione” arriverà non prima di marzo 2020, ma per Trenord, la società finora a metà tra Regione Lombardia e Ferrovie dello Stato finita più volte nella bufera per le cancellazioni e i ritardi sarà una vera rivoluzione.L’accordo per la fornitura dei primi 30 convogli che potrebbero salire a 50 e forse anche a 120 è stato firmato da Fnm, controllata dalla Regione e Hitachi Rail Italy, che ha vinto la gara per la fornitura. I nuovi convogli avranno una lunghezza di 109,6 metri nella tipologia del convoglio corto e di 136,8 metri in quella del convoglio lungo. Con una capacità  che andrà da 466 e 598 posti a sedere. E da 449 a 575 posti in piedi. Velocità massima 160 chilometri all’ora. Carrozze tutte dotate di prese elettriche, per le chiavette Usb e di connessione wi-fi.

Sul fronte tecnologie e sicurezza, da segnalare anche la presenza di un sistema informazione a passeggeri, [...]  read more