Microsoft marks Mixer’s first year with improved eSports streams

In addition to refreshing the Mixer website to celebrate the service’s birthday, Microsoft is also adding a slew of tools to MixPlay so game developers can more natively integrate Mixer into their work. Meaning, developers will be able to add side panels, frames, floating boxes and even full-screen effects, which should give you a bunch of options for easily laying out your stream visuals. If you played Rise of the Tomb Raider and fooled around with the broadcast options there, you should have an idea of what to expect.

It sounds pretty easy for developers to implement as well, and uses HTML and Javascript as its coding languages. Twitch has done similar, opening up its platform to developers for a bit, offering these types of tools for broadcasts, or for allowing audience participation in games.

If you think those tools would be great for esports streams, Mixer is already a few steps ahead of read more

Xbox at E3 2018: 6 things we want to see from Microsoft

With the launch of Xbox One X, Microsoft went pretty big for E3 2017. And that puts the pressure on for E3 2018 because now we’re hoping this Xbox showcase will be just as big as the last. 

Now, we’re not expecting any kind of Xbox Two reveal or anything but this is a chance for Microsoft to really set the tone for the next few years until the next-gen console arrives. With the Xbox One X being the most powerful console on the market right now, we’re hoping Microsoft will pull out all the stops when it comes to software at this year’s Xbox show.

Xbox appears to be doing well at the moment, but E3 is the perfect platform to address criticisms that the console doesn’t have enough first-party exclusives and concerns about the mass move towards online service games. 

We’d love to see some big exciting announcements that really show off what the 4K console can do. These announcements will hopefully include some Xbox exclusives that have been developed with all that power in read more

Suunto 3 Fitness Review: Attractive and Versatile

The outdoor industry has a little millennial problem. It shows up even in the terminology. As recently as ten years ago, you didn’t like climbing. You were a climber. You were part of an intensely tribal subculture, and you had the chops, and the highly technical gear, to prove it.

But advances in materials science and general awareness have made it easier and more affordable than ever to get outside. Outdoor gear is now a little cheaper, and a lot more versatile. If you like climbing, have you tried surfing? What about skiing, hiking, or mountain biking? Whatever you do, do it with friends, and hopefully while wearing the same watch, jacket and shoes.

Fitness wearables have been slow to accommodate people like me, who do a lot of different activities. The Fitbit Versa caters to people who are trying to improve their overall fitness, but functionality for multiple sports is low. The Garmin Fenix read more

Matteo: "Sono arrabbiato" Prime crepe nel "SalviMaio"

«Con Salvini e con la Lega siamo perfettamente allineati, ma è chiaro che adesso c'è quello che è il lavoro che passa tra il presidente del consiglio incaricato e il Quirinale. Stiamo cercando i migliori profili per riuscire a portare questo Paese al
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Tesla settles class action suit over Autopilot issues

Autopilot is said to increase safety through partial automation, though there have been a number of crashes. Two fatal collisions have occurred while Autopilot mode was on, along with a crash in which the driver said she was checking her phone while the feature was engaged. A report this month suggested Tesla omitted some Autopilot safeguards, including an eye-tracking feature to make sure drivers were paying attention, due to concerns over cost and effectiveness. Tesla, however, claims using Autopilot leads to 40 percent fewer crashes.

Six plaintiffs from across the US were named in the 2017 suit, and they accused Tesla of fraud by concealment. They also claimed Tesla violated unfair competition and consumer protection laws. The plaintiffs cited problems such as unexpected braking, and failing to break when approaching buses and trucks. Other features, such as side collision warnings and automatic high beams, were not reliable or simply didn’t work, they said. The plaintiffs paid read more

Amazon Prime saves blockbuster sci-fi show The Expanse from obscurity

Update: Amazon boss Jeff Bezos has confirmed that The Expanse will return on Amazon Prime, though as yet there’s no fixed date for season four.

Our original story continues below…

The Expanse has been around for three seasons now and was Syfy’s big push into creating a blockbuster science-fiction TV show. 

Big money did mean, however, that the show would have to attract some big viewing figures. Unfortunately for The Expanse fans, a 25% drop in season two and a further 5% in season three meant that Syfy had no option but to cancel. 

There’s no such thing as ‘cancellation’ in the age of Netflix and Amazon Prime, though, services that have become the home of second chances. 

Although nothing has been signed, it is thought that The Expanse will continue its fourth season on Amazon Prime – a place where money is seemingly no problem, especially when the boss of the company, Jeff Bezos, is a fan of the James SA Corey’s best-selling books on which The Expanse read more

‘The Wolf Among Us’ season two delayed into 2019

It has been nearly four years since The Wolf Among Us wrapped up its original episodic run, but fans will have to wait a bit longer for a follow-up. Telltale Games announced that season two is delayed from its original late-2018 release window into 2019 due to “a few fundamental changes here at Telltale since we first announced the game last summer.” As Eurogamer notes, this could refer to layoffs last year that cut its staff by 25 percent, even though at the time, the studio stated that upcoming releases including The Wolf Among Us season two would not be affected.

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