Ragazzina dispersa da 2 giorni nei boschi del Bresciano, il padre: “Tenete viva la speranza”

Ci si è messa anche la pioggia, nella notte, a ostacolare le ricerche di Iuschra, la ragazzina autistica di 12 anni scomparsa giovedì mattina nei boschi dell’altopiano di Cariadeghe sopra a Serle, sulle prealpi bresciane. Era in gita con altri ragazzini, accompagnati dagli educatori della onlus Fobap: ha lasciato il gruppo ed è scomparsa nel verde. Ultimo avvistamento, un’ora dopo la scomparsa. Poi più nulla.
“Ringrazio tutti, state facendo una cosa incredibile, tenete viva la speranza”. Midliton Gazi, padre di Iuschra, pachistano, ha ringraziato  le centinaia di volontari, vigili del fuoco, uomini del soccorso alpino e carabinieri che per tutta la notte hanno continuato a cercare. Un esercito per trovare Iuschra.
I nemici da sconfiggere sono le centinaia di grotte e buche che circondano
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Salvini perde la battaglia-Cdp Tria tiene il punto sul Tesoro

Il Movimento 5 Stelle vince, il ministro Tria pareggia e la Lega perde. Questi sono i risultati della prima tornata di nomine importanti del governo giallo-verde decisa ieri da un vertice a Palazzo Chigi tra il premier Giuseppe, il suo vice Luigi Di
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Netflix and Shonda Rhimes reveal eight exclusive series in the works

  • Untitled Shonda Rhimes Project

Based on the New York Magazine article How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People by Jessica Pressler. Manhattan makes a new friend like no other. But is she the stuff American dreams are made of or is she New York’s biggest con woman? Is it a con if you enjoy being taken?

* Shonda Rhimes (EP) will create the series.

  • Untitled Bridgerton Project

Based on Julia Quinn’s best-selling series of novels, this smart feminist take on Regency England romance unveils the glittering, wealthy, sexual, painful, funny and sometimes lonely lives of the women and men in London’s high society marriage mart as told through the eyes of the powerful Bridgerton family.

* Scandal veteran Chris Van Dusen (EP) will adapt and showrun the series.

  • The Warmth of Other Suns

Based on Pulitzer-Prize winning author Isabel Wilkerson’s award-winning book of the same name, this powerful groundbreaking series tracks the decades-long migration of African-Americans fleeing the Jim Crow South in search of a better life in the North and the read more

Turns Out Cities Can’t Sue Oil Companies for Climate Change

You can’t sue your way to a solution for global warming. So says the judge.

On Thursday, Judge John Keenan of New York’s Southern District dismissed the City of New York’s lawsuit against the international oil and gas companies BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and Royal Dutch Shell. Facing billions of dollars in climate change-related damage in the coming years, New York was hoping to extract some money from the transnational companies that extract the oil that people burn for energy—raising the planet’s temperature, exacerbating storms, melting polar ice and elevating sea levels, worsening wildfires, extending droughts, and allowing diseases to spread farther and faster.

But no. The problem isn’t the science; it’s settled. The problem is the law. Even though attorneys for the city tried to argue that their complaint was covered by federal common law and the courts, Judge Keenan found otherwise—that in the end they were suing over emissions, read more

Healthcare data breach in Singapore affected 1.5M patients, targeted the prime minister

In what’s believed to be the biggest data breach in Singapore’s history, 1.5 million members of the country’s largest healthcare group have had their personal data compromised.

The breach affected SingHealth, Singapore’s biggest network of healthcare facilities. Data obtained in the breach includes names, addresses, gender, race, date of birth and patients’ national identification numbers. Around 160,000 of the 1.5 million patients also had their outpatient medical information accessed by unauthorized individuals. All patients affected by the hack had visited SingHealth clinics between May 1, 2015 and July 4, 2018, Singapore newspaper The Straits Times reports.

“Investigations by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) and the Integrated Health Information System confirmed that this was a deliberate, targeted and well-planned cyberattack,” a press release from Singapore’s Ministry of Health stated. “It was not the work of casual hackers or criminal gangs.”

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FCC opens public comments on T-Mobile-Sprint merger

Anyone can file petitions to deny, and you might expect to see some from consumer advocacy groups and industry experts who may be concerned over the reduction in the number of national carriers from four to three. The FCC has laid out a 180-day review timeline to determine whether the merger is in the public interest, but that’s more of a guideline and there’s no required deadline for the agency to issue a decision.

While the Trump version of the FCC is generally more business-friendly than the previous incarnation, there’s no guarantee the agency will rubberstamp the T-Mobile and Sprint tie-up. Just this week, the FCC effectively ended Sinclair’s chance of merging with Tribune Media over concerns about TV station ownership.

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