A fourth ‘Matrix’ movie is happening

Variety sources claimed production will start in early 2020.

As to why they’re revisiting the series, besides money? Lana Wachowski argued that many of the themes from the original Matrix trilogy are “even more relevant” in the modern era. That’s not a far-fetched conclusion. Simulated worlds and artificial intelligence are playing ever more important roles in society. We’re already asking questions about reality and what it means to be human, and The Matrix could feel like a logical extension of that discussion.

The looming question (apart from whether or not it will be any good) revolves around picking up where the first three movies left off. The basic premise is easy — there were hints Neo might return after establishing a peace with the machines — but there are a lot unanswered questions. What upsets the truce (which, we’d add, persisted in Monolith’s The Matrix Online)? And how does Trinity come back? Whatever the answers, [...]  read more

Jeffrey Epstein and the Myth of the ‘Underage Woman’

On Monday, the New York Times columnist James B. Stewart published a remarkable article: a summary of an interview he had conducted last August with Jeffrey Epstein. The two were ostensibly talking together about matters of business—about rumors that Epstein had been doing advisory work for the electric-car company Tesla. But Epstein, in Stewart’s telling, kept guiding the conversation toward the secret that was at that point no secret at all: the fact that Epstein was a convicted sex offender. “If he was reticent about Tesla,” Stewart wrote, “he was more at ease discussing his interest in young women”:

He said that criminalizing sex with teenage girls was a cultural aberration and that at times in history it was perfectly acceptable. He pointed out that homosexuality had long been considered a crime and was still punishable by death in some parts of the world.

It’s an argument that is reminiscent of the  [...]  read more

How to Build a Raspberry Pi Media Center

The Raspberry Pi is one of the most versatile devices you’re ever going to come across. It’s a full-fledged computer, but it’s the size of a credit card or small cell phone. Due to its diminutive size, the Pi is also an energy efficient option, powered by a phone charger. One of the uses the Raspberry Pi is best known for is as a media center. It’s simple to install Kodi on the Pi, and from there, you can stream tons of content from both your personal library and the Web. Unlike some other media center distributions, like LibreELEC, OSMC retains enough of the underlying Linux operating system to let you customize the system more, mount networked directories automatically, and install extra software needed for some Kodi add-ons, like Netflix.

What You’ll Need

Before you get started, you’re going to need a few things. You can modify these slightly to better fit your needs, but some parts are absolutely essential.
  • Raspberry Pi 3 B+ or 4
  • Power Supply
  • 16GB or higher MicroSD card
  • Raspberry Pi case for your model Pi
  • USB or Bluetooth keyboard/mouse
  • A screen to connect to an the HDMI cable to connect  

How to Download and Flash OSMC

There are a few options for media center distributions on the Pi, but OSMC seems to be the perfect balance of control and polish. OSMC is what this guide will cover. It boots right into Kodi, so you won’t need to set that up either.

 Select Disk  [...]  read more

Who STAR TREK’s Data Was, and Where He Is Now – Nerdist

One of the huge surprises in the recent trailer for Star Trek: Picard was the revelation that actor Brent Spiner would be back as Lt. Commander Data. It’s a big reveal for two reasons. For starters, Data was actually killed off at the end of the last Next Generation feature film, Star Trek: Nemesis. Second, actor Brent Spiner is now 70 years old, a far cry from the eternally youthful android. But thanks to digital de-aging and makeup effects, Data will be gracing the small screen once more. Here we’ll explore not only Data’s past and significance in the Trek-verse, but just how he will find his way back into the story.


One Man’s Dream

When we first meet Data in the TNG pilot “Encounter at Farpoint,” he is a completely emotionless and a very calm, measured being. We learn quickly in the first season that he is the only known sentient android in existence, and that he was built some 28 years prior on the colony world of Omicron Theta. His creator was Dr. Noonian Soong, [...]  read more

Netflix’s Eerie: the horror film so scary, viewers are having to sleep with the lights on

Eerie weaves a spine-tingling yarn about Lucia Academy, an exclusive all-girls private school run by Catholic nuns. So far, so Sister Act 2 – but the story shifts gear when Erika (Gillian Vicencio), one of the school’s students, unexpectedly dies. It isn’t long before Erika’s traumatised classmates are reaching out to clairvoyant guidance counsellor Pat Consolacion (Bea Alonzo) with wild claims that they have seen Erika’s ghost patrolling the grounds – because, yes, this is a horror film that skews decidedly on the supernatural side.

Concerned, Pat launches an independent investigation into Erika’s death. And, judging by the reactions on Twitter, she uncovers something truly horrible in the process…

“Just watched Eerie on Netflix and guess who’ll be sleeping with the lights on for a week?” tweeted one terrified viewer, alongside a raised hand emoji.

“I have basically become a critic when it comes to horror movies. I haven’t watched a good one in a while ‘cause [...]  read more

Matteo Renzi : « Il faut empêcher le retour aux urnes voulu par Matteo Salvini »

Dans un entretien au « Monde », l’ancien président du Conseil italien explique sa tentative de prendre langue avec le parti antisystème M5S pour éviter une catastrophe budgétaire et une dérive extrémiste.

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Depuis l’annonce par le ministre de l’intérieur, Matteo Salvini (Ligue, extrême droite), de sa volonté de rompre avec le Mouvement 5 étoiles (M5S, antisystème) pour provoquer de nouvelles élections, l’Italie est plongée dans un véritable psychodrame. Matteo Renzi, président du Conseil de février 2014 à décembre 2016 et membre du Parti démocrate (PD), explique sa tentative de prendre langue avec le M5S pour essayer d’éviter une catastrophe budgétaire et une dérive extrémiste.

Article réservé à nos abonnés Lire aussi L’Italie dans l’incertitude après une crise gouvernementale surprise

Que vous inspire le fait de donner des entretiens un 15 août, en ce jour qui, d’habitude, marque le cœur de la trêve estivale en Italie ?

Disons que c’est un des innombrables effets collatéraux de [...]  read more

Two More Ducati Scramblers On The Horizon

Aug 15, 2019 at 3:45pm By: Dustin Wheelen

You can’t have too much of a good thing.

Since its introduction in 2014, the Ducati Scrambler has become the best-selling series in the company’s range. Moving over 55,000 units worldwide, Ducati hasn’t shied away from leveraging the popularity of the platform. The brand’s current Scrambler lineup includes the Icon, Cafe Racer, Desert Sled, Full Throttle, Sixty2, 1100, 1100 Special, and 1100 Sport. If you thought Ducati produced enough variants of model, you’d be sorely mistaken. With the Ducati World Première 2020 just around the corner, the company could be about to unveil two more iterations with the Ducati Scrambler 1100 Pro and Ducati Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro. 

According to EPA documents, numerous motorcycles from Ducati’s 2019 lineup will carry over to the 2020 model year. Among the listing of the unchanged models, the names “1100 Pro” and “1100 Sport Pro” tried to sneak in under the radar. 

While Ducati devotees anxiously await the introduction of the Panigale [...]  read more

Halle Berry goes braless in a wet T-shirt for her 53rd birthday

Tony: From the original article…”Shell spokesman Ray Fisher explained that the workers onsite have a 56-hour workweek, with 16 hours of overtime built in. That means those workers who attended Mr. Trump’s speech and showed up for work Friday, meeting the overtime threshold, were being paid at a rate of time and a half, while those who didn’t go to hear the president were being paid the regular rate, despite the fact that both groups did not do work on the site Tuesday.”

social experiment by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit #flipboard https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/halle-berry-goes-braless-wet-202017765.html

Jeremy Clarkson, millionaire, shows off impressive mansion to prove A-levels mean nothing when it comes to making money

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy has done his yearly reminder he’s rich (Picture: Getty)
Jeremy Clarkson has tried to quell the nerves of kids who are receiving their A-level results today.

By sharing a humblebrag to end all humblebrags.

The Grand Tour presenter showcased his sprawling French chateau on Thursday to try and offset the sadness felt by anyone who wasn’t all that impressed with the letters generated by their tests.

With kids feeling like this will set the course for the rest of their lives (trust us, it won’t), including how much money they may bank, the TV stalwart and car enthusiast wanted to prove that wasn’t the case.

What a legend.

Taking to Twitter, the 59-year-old, who has an estimated worth of £30million, shared a snapshot of the pile of bricks he’s renting for the summer in France and we have to say, he’s landed himself a pretty swanky life.

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‘A level results a bit rubbish? Don’t worry. I got a C and two Us and I’ve rented this place for the summer,’ he wrote alongside the [...]  read more