YouTube debuts 360-video app on Steam VR

Some users are reporting dropped frames despite powerful PC setups, and (many) others are saying that it doesn’t work at all, crashing on startup. At the same time, some folks affirm that it works just fine for them, and one user even said that the 360-degree videos play on an Oculus Rift, even though the app is ostensibly for HTC’s Vive.

Problems are normal for a beta release, but YouTube VR seems to have a major bug that stops the app completely for many. Hopefully, it will post a new version soon, or some enterprising Steam user will find a decent workaround. If you have a Vive headset (or Oculus, maybe), give it a whirl and let us know how it goes in the comments below.

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Disney buys Fox’s studios and cable TV channels for $52 billion

While possible implications for the Marvel Cinematic Universe will come to any comic book movie fan’s mind first — yes, Deadpool and the Fantastic Four are included, not to mention distribution for Star Wars Episode IV — this purchase is all about Disney’s place in a changing TV landscape. As cord-cutting has increased and subscribers have shifted away from mainstays like ESPN, Disney is bulking up and preparing to launch its own streaming service in 2019 — which now has a much larger library to pull from.Robert Iger & Rupert Murdoch

As Disney moves into its BAMTech-powered internet video future, the plan is apparently to own as much contnet as possible. What’s unclear is whether regulators will allow this deal to proceed. Even though Comcast has already acquired NBCUniversal, AT&T’s proposed acquisition of Time Warner is undergoing intense scrutiny and this pairing will likely get a similar response.

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5 Sectors Blockchain Is Disrupting That Are Not Cryptocurrency

For a few years now, “blockchain” and “cryptocurrency” have gone hand-in-hand. The blockchain concept is complicated, and involves constant-growth record lists linked together and secured through cryptography (think of the Cryptex from The Da Vinci Code). Each block of the chain envelops a hash pointer relating to the previous block, as well as transaction data and a timestamp.

The idea of a blockchain isn’t relegated to the infant-era cryptocurrency revolution. Massive worldwide corporations are beginning to incorporate blockchain technology into their systems. The technology behind the blockchain is far more valuable on a global scale than any market capitalization of cryptocurrencies. Here are five large sectors currently being disrupted by the potential of this technology:

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1. Crybersecurity

Although one of the main draws to the blockchain is the transparency of its public ledger, read more

An inside look at the world’s first nation with a minister for artificial intelligence

Prioritizing the Future

From robots that can flawlessly perform backflips to electric cars that can go over 950 km (600 miles) on a single charge, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the future is far closer than we may have previously thought. If the missteps of the industrial revolution are any indicator, we need to start planning for that future today.

And it seems that this is precisely what the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is trying to do.

The nation’s efforts are mainly concentrated in the city of Dubai, which is already home to a number of futuristic projects, including plans to create a “Mars science city” and build a real life hyperloop, programs for renewable energy and electric vehicles, and tests for flying taxis and even flying jetpacks. Dubai even has an accelerator program aimed at expediting the creation of these various futuristic technologies.

Of course, no plan for the future can be complete without considering the role that artificial intelligence (AI) will play, so on October 19, read more

Seventh Season Of Showtime’s No. 1 Drama ‘Homeland’ To Begin In February

Photo by JoJo Whilden/SHOWTIME.

Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in HOMELAND.

Showtime announced today that the seventh season of the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning hit drama Homeland will kick off early next year on Sunday, February 11. Last season, the show averaged 5.5 million weekly viewers per episode across platforms, maintaining its position as the No. 1 Showtime drama series. 

The gripping, emotional, edge-of-your-seat crime drama stars Emmy, Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe winner Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison, a brilliant CIA officer that is at the top of her field despite her struggles with Bipolar disorder. Though she’s the best in her area of expertise, her volatile and unpredictable behavior not only puts her at risk, but also those around her.

The show’s first season started off with her convinced that an American prisoner of war (Damian Lewis) had been turned by al-Qaeda and was planning to carry out a terrorist attack on American soil. With her mentor, Saul Berenson, played by Emmy and read more

Meet The Big-Screen Miles Morales in First Trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Image: Screenshot, trailer by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Today, Sony has debuted the first trailer for Lord and Miller’s animated Spider-Man film, starring Miles Morales and very possibly some other Spider heroes along the way.

Into the Spider Verse will be in theaters Christmas 2018, and will star Miles Morales in what the promo material is calling a “fresh vision of a different Spider-Man universe.” The elegant visual design of the trailer, with its realistic CGI environments and wiry, acrobatic Miles Morales, certainly feels fresh. The trailer doesn’t contain much except for a showcase of Miles being an excellent young Spider-Man, though it continues Black Panther’s fine tradition of soundtracking Marvel trailers with Vince Staples.


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The First Trailer For Jessica Jones’ Second Season Features an Epic Spider-Man Diss


Image: Netflix

Netflix’s Marvel shows have a well-documented history not, well, not doing a very good job of trying to connect to the larger MCU. In the first trailer for Jessica Jones’ second season though, everyone’s favorite alcoholic detective calls out Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben in the best possible way.

While none of us should be holding our breaths any of the Defenders to pop up in a big screen Marvel film any time soon, it’s good to see that during her next solo mission, Jessica’s at the very least channeling what we’re all feeling. She doesn’t give two shits about your “great power, great responsibility” speech and is all about punching the hell out of the scumbags that are in her way.


The trailer’s quick and dirty but it does reveal quite a bit of info about this upcoming season. Jessica’s getting back to her private eye roots and digging into the mysteries of her past—specifically, her connection to Roxxon and just what the organization did read more

As the Winklevoss Twins Hit a Billion, Bitcoin’s Weaknesses Become Even More Evident

Last Monday the New York Post reported that Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss became the world’s first Bitcoin billionaires. After winning $65 million from Mark Zuckerberg in a dispute over who came up with the idea for Facebook, the twins subsequently purchased $11 million worth of Bitcoins with their lawsuit haul.

The twins began purchasing the cryptocurrency in 2013, and according to rough estimates arrived at by the Post, they bought 91,666 coins for around $120 each.  Readers can do the math.  With the mis-named“currency” having reached $11,400* as of last Monday, the Winklevoss brothers could lay claim to billionaire status.

But rather than discuss the twins’ prescience as investors, luck, or whatever, it’s best to turn their great fortune into a “teaching moment” as it were.  The transformation of $11 million into a $1 billion with what is mistakenly described as a currency is a great way to explain inflation and deflation.

Importantly, this explanation will have nothing read more