Firmware reveals more details about how the Note 9 S Pen will work

It’s been a weekend of Samsung-related leaks and rumors – see also news of a fresh color for the Note 9 and a wireless charging pad that’s on the way – and to round everything off we’ve got some updates on the upgraded S Pen that’s going to come with the Note 9.

The fine folks at XDA Developers have been digging into the firmware for the upcoming Galaxy Tab S4 tablet, and have found some hints about the new S Pen and what the stylus is going to be able to do. Previous rumors have suggested that the S Pen will be the standout feature of the Note 9 and will probably come in bright yellow too.

According to the firmware, the new S Pen will be able to control music on the phone (play, pause and skip), operate the phone’s camera shutter remotely, unlock the phone remotely, and launch specific apps and features that can be customized by the user as required.

Wait for it

The firmware already available for the yet-to-be-launched Tab S4 is the first read more

Why NASA’s new supersonic X-plane needs to beat the boom

Main image: An artist’s concept of the X-59 QueSST. Credit: Lockheed Martin

It may dramatically reduce travel time, but supersonic air travel barely exists. However, there’s now a new race to produce the first ‘Concorde’ for the 21st century, thanks to new tech that’s allowing aircraft engineers to overcome the one thing that has so far rendered supersonic air travel unworkable: the sonic boom.

Cue NASA, and its attempts to revive the ground-breaking series of experimental X-planes that stretch back to the Bell X-1 in which Chuck Yeager became the first man to break the sound barrier in 1947. 

What’s a sonic boom?

We’re still flying at the same speeds first achieved in the 1960s because supersonic air travel never became affordable, right? That’s partly true, but another huge problem with the luxury airliner Concorde was its very loud sonic boom – around 130 decibels – which could be heard by anyone underneath it while it was traveling at supersonic speeds.

Image showing shockwaves around aircraft travelling at the speed of sound

Shockwaves form around aircraft traveling at the speed of sound. Credit: NASA (Image: © NASA)

A sonic boom read more

Samsung’s new wireless pad will charge your Note 9 and your Galaxy Watch

August 9 should be quite the day for Samsung fans, because we’re expecting the arrival of the Galaxy Note 9 and very possibly a Galaxy Watch as well. Now there’s a new leak of a Wireless Charger Duo pad that shows how both devices can be charged up wirelessly.

Courtesy of seasoned tipster Roland Quandt on Twitter (via accessory retailer MobileFun) we have a full and clear look at the Wireless Charger Duo. The packaging states the pad will support “fast charging” for two phones at once (no doubt older Galaxy models will be supported too), or for your phone with the Galaxy Watch.

Sound familiar? Apple unveiled something along these lines last September with the most recent batch of iPhones, a mat that could charge up your phone, your Apple Watch and your AirPods at the same time. However, we’re still waiting for it to arrive.

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo (Credit: @rquandt)

Samsung will no doubt be delighted to get in ahead of Apple with a multi-device wireless charging pad of its own, though of course read more

Jaime Munguia vs Liam Smith live stream: how to watch the boxing from anywhere

When is the Munguia vs Smith fight?
Jaime Munguia vs Liam Smith takes place on Saturday, July 21 in Las Vegas at 10pm ET and 7pm PT – so that’s 3am BST.

The venue for the fight is Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tonight the current WBO junior middleweight champion, Jaime “The Beast” Munguia takes on Liverpool’s former World light-middleweight champion Liam “Beefy” Smith in Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Cafe in a battle for the title.

The 21-year-old Munguia is back after thrashing Sadam Ali for the WBO title. Now, just two months later, Munguia is defending his title against a more evenly matched 154lb 29-year-old Liam Smith. As a former title holder Smith will be hungry to win. Especially as the Ali fight, which won Munguia the title, was meant for him originally before he had to pull out.

Beefy Smith will fight for the first time in the capital of US boxing, Las Vegas. On top of that he’s taking on an unbeaten Munguia who has a stunning 26 knockouts in 29 bouts. 

Smith says: “Munguia is obviously a dangerous puncher and I’ll have to be wary of him early on, but he’s never fought someone read more

Why I’m desperate for our best fitness tracker to be replaced

Through a combination of functionality, style, features, design and price, the Moov Now is currently in the top place in our best fitness tracker guide. It has been a long time since TechRadar first reviewed it, but it’s still a solid bit of health tracking kit.

TechRadar Editor Gareth Beavis said in his original review, “The Moov Now is still incredible value for the breadth of tracking that it offers. It might lack a screen but for the low price you can run, swim, cycle, box and do crossfit with accuracy.”

That still hasn’t changed – the affordability of the Moov Now is how it has fought off new additions like the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro, Huawei Band 2 Pro, Garmin Vivofit 4 and many others. 

All of those are great products, but the combination of the value that the Moov Now offers paired with everything it can do makes it our number one… for now.

The Moov Now was announced three years ago this week, when fitness tracking tech was in a very different place. Fitbit was read more

Take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in lilac purple

The leaks keep on coming ahead of the official Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch on August 9, and the latest one to cross our desk is an authentic-looking render of the phone in lilac purple. As we heard previously, that’s one of five colors that you’ll be able to pick up the handset in next month.

Dutch site Nieuwe Mobiel has the scoop, and a look at how the Note 9 design differs from the Galaxy Note 8 (spoiler: not much). It would appear that the side bezels are going to be slightly thinner, and of course there will be brand new wallpaper, and that’s about it.

Around the back of the device, the dual-lens camera system and fingerprint sensor have been slightly repositioned – we’ll probably have to wait for the Samsung Galaxy S10 for a sensor that lives under glass on the front of the phone. As for the color itself, we think it works rather well.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

How the Note 9 might look (Credit: Nieuwe Mobiel)

From everything we’ve heard about the Note 9 from the rumor mill so far, it would appear that the S Pen stylus read more

Inside Tempest – the fighter jet of the future

I’m at Farnborough International Airshow, looking down into the cockpit of the jet fighter of the future – and it’s empty. Instead of the usual rows of displays, buttons and switches, there’s nothing but a seat and a stick. 

Everything else is virtual, and housed within a helmet that heavily, but comfortably, encases the pilot’s head, showing your surroundings (simulated, in this case) in colorful full HD.

Raising each hand brings up a menu of switches that you can tap to to toggle different views, and pulling a slide-out menu displays a map of the terrain.

Friends and enemies are flagged in AR, and 3D audio lets you pinpoint their location, even when you can’t see them (active noise reduction cancels out the roar of your own engines).


BAE revealed a concept model of Tempest at the Farnborough Air Show

You even have a virtual smartwatch. Raising your left wrist reveals various statistics about your health, including heart rate and ECG readings. If your vital stats indicate that you’re finding the current situation too stressful, the software read more

Trump’s China tariffs could inflate prices on Apple Watches, Sonos speakers and more

This June, President Trump promised Apple CEO Tim Cook that the upcoming $200 billion tariffs on Chinese goods wouldn’t apply to iPhones. 

But, it turns out that the Trump administration hasn’t extended that protection to all Apple devices. 

Reuters reported today that the original Apple Watch, along with some health trackers and smart speakers from Fitbit and Sonos, were subject to new tariff codes targeting Chinese-manufactured goods, which will take effect in September. 

US Customs and Border Patrol officials classified the Fitbit Charge, Charge HR and Surge wristbands; the Sonos Play:3, Play:5 and SUB smart speakers; and the Apple Watch as “data transmission machines” that qualify for 10% tariffs. 

It’s unclear as of yet what criteria Customs officials used to designate these specific models. The Apple Watch 2 and Apple Watch 3, for example, don’t rate the same classification as their predecessor. So, for now, they won’t face the same import costs. 

The Sonos Play:5

The Sonos Play:5

Sonos, on the read more

DC Universe: DC’s new TV and comic book streaming service explained

We’ve seen a wave of streaming services based on individual channels or network families, from HBO Now to CBS All Access and even ESPN+, but soon we’ll be seeing more content and company-centric offerings – Disney’s long-teased streaming service that will arrive in 2019, packing exclusive Star Wars shows and more, is a prime example.

Now, DC has announced its own subscription-based service for fans of the legendary comic book company, and this one has a twist: it’s not only a streaming video service for movies and TV shows based on their comics, but also a comic-reading app along the lines of Marvel Unlimited or comiXology Unlimited.

DC Universe will arrive this fall, but the company announced most of the key details at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2018. Here’s what to expect, how much it’ll cost you, and how it varies from other services already on the market today. 

What content will it have? 

DC Universe will debut five brand new, exclusive TV shows during its first read more

Surface Go vs iPad 2018: which 10-inch tablet is best for you?

It wasn’t long ago that Apple rose to meet Microsoft’s 12.3-inch Surface Pro with its very own, 12.9-inch iPad Pro. So, it was only a matter of time before Microsoft met Apple in kind with its own 10-inch tablet (again): the Surface Go.

The Surface Go seems tailor-made to combat the latest 9.7-inch iPad with Apple Pencil support, both in the consumer and education realms. It features a brand new, Alcantara fabric Type Cover and support for the Surface Pen – not to mention a nearly identical power profile.

So, now that both Apple and Microsoft have tablets designed for learning and productivity (and play, too), which one should you buy? To answer that question, let’s pit these two tablets in a head-to-head match.


Oddly enough, both the iPad and Surface Go remain largely unchanged in design from their forebears. Microsoft’s tablet simply takes the Surface formula and shrinks it, gaining more curved edges compared with the Surface Pro. The iPad, meanwhile, largely maintains the design read more