Google sets down ground rules for notch support on Android P

In the lead up to the launch of its Pixel 3 smartphone line-up (which allegedly includes a notch-sporting Pixel 3 XL), Google has posted a Developers Blog entry detailing its rules for display cutouts and how they will be supported on its upcoming Android P operating system.

According to Android System UI product manager Megan Potoski, Google’s rules for cutouts were drawn up in an effort to ensure that developers’ apps would be cutout-ready, asking them to consider such things as how their “content is displayed relative to the cutout.”

The good news for those developing for Android P is that by default, “the status bar will be resized to be at least as tall as the cutout and your content will display in the window below.” Google states that “the app’s window is allowed to extend into the cutout area if the cutout is fully contained within a system bar.”

For developers, this means that all app windows “will be letterboxed so that read more

First trillion dollar company? Apple closes in on title with strong third-quarter earnings

Apple third quarter earnings were never supposed to be exciting – it hasn’t had a big hardware launch in months and we don’t expect new iPhones until September.

However, a mix of strong revenue today and a market valuation that’s closing in on $1 trillion are hyping Apple’s stock price to record levels in after hours trading.

To become the first $1 trillion company (and beat Amazon to the title), Apple’s stock price needs to cross $203, which is 3% above its its current price, notes 9to5mac

The company stock price currently sits at $190.30 and reached an all-time high of $195.96, which would put Apple at $990bn when the stock market opens tomorrow.

Apple’s revenue gains mark the company’s best June quarter ever, according to CEO Tim Cook, noting that it’s the fourth consecutive quarter of double-digit revenue growth.

iPhone sales, services, and China

What’s propelled Apple’s June earnings high and its ability to defy the challenges faced by rival tech stocks read more

Intel roadmap points to the Core i9-9900K releasing in early 2019

Future Intel processor lineups have included almost a half dozen rumored codenames, but at long last we could finally have the details pinned down thanks to a leaked Intel roadmap.

Xfastest posted slides of what it claims to be an official Intel roadmap outlining the processor release schedule for the coming year. Going by the schedule, and disappointingly, we shouldn’t expect 9th generation Intel processors until the first few months of 2019. The Intel roadmap lists that the Core i9-9900K, Core i7-9700K and Core i5-9600K will all release in the first quarter of 2019.

The slides also confirm that 9th-generation Coffee Lake Refresh processors will be compatible with Intel 300-series chipsets, so you’ll supposedly be able to plug any of these next-gen CPUs into something as lowly as a H310 motherboard.

Image 1 of 3

Image 2 of 3

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Just around the bend

What will be releasing within the year are Intel’s next high-end desktop processors, if this purportedly official roadmap is to be believed. Interestingly, the slides refer read more

Another patent shows how Microsoft’s rumored dual-screen device might work

More evidence has come to light that Microsoft is planning some kind of dual-screen device, with another patent relating to such a piece of hardware having been spotted, hot on the heels of yesterday’s ‘video calling on hinged multi-screen device’ patent.

The fresh patent was also discovered by Windows Latest and was published by the Patent and Trademark Office over in the US last week, and it again illustrates a dual-screen folding mobile device, with both displays connected by a hinge.

The patent shows the device’s various modes of usage, including a ‘laptop’ mode whereby one screen becomes a virtual keyboard. If both screens are placed down flat, the interface – i.e. the operating system UI, web browser, or whatever software you happen to be using – will expand to fill both displays, and the resolution can be increased appropriately.

Just like a hybrid read more

Why we might miss out if tech moved any faster

Main image credit: AT&T

The tech industry never seems to take its foot off the gas. Where it used to take years for a product to be designed, tested, refined and released, we now have six-month or even shorter release cycles for smartphones, and the time between one major step forward and the next keeps shrinking.

The blog Wait, But Why sums it up pretty well in the graph below. But while we may instinctively feel like faster progress is a good thing, there’s a downside. When we near-instantly work out how to get from A to C, we miss out B – and sometimes B is something really good. In fact, a lot of the products we use every day just wouldn’t exist if progress moved faster. 

A graph showing the accelerating pace of human progress

So far so good – just don’t mention the robot uprising… Image credit: Wait But Why (Image: © Wait But Why)

Seeing is believing

Take glasses, for instance. 

Spectacles – vision-correcting eyeglasses, that is, not the camera-toting things Snapchat flog – have been around since antiquity, in one form or another. According to read more

Asus Z390 motherboard lineup leak suggests new Intel chipset coming soon

Asus’s entire Z390 motherboard lineup has leaked through a product listing document, further proof that Intel’s new Z390 chipset is not far off from release.

The new chipset will bring the company’s high-end motherboards up to date with the recently-updated B- and H-series boards to support Intel’s latest, 8th-generation processors with hexa-core designs. It’s also expected, as Tom’s Hardware reports, that these motherboards will support the rumored octa-core, 8th-gen Coffee Lake S processors.

According to the leak, at least 19 Asus motherboards are in the works using the new chipset, including models from the company’s Prime, Republic of Gamers (ROG) and The Ultimate Force (TUF) series.

The product listing leak in full, as obtained by Tom's Hardware.

The product listing leak in full, as obtained by Tom’s Hardware.

Leaked lineup

Some highlights of the flagship ROG lineup include six models of Asus’s ROG Maximus XI series of boards in standard ATX design, with options for overclocking (Maximus XI Apex) and water-cooling (Maximus XI Extreme and Maximus XI Formula). However, there don’t appear to be any read more

You can now pay your RTA fines using Apple Pay

Earlier this year, RTA upgraded its payment terminals at Dubai Metro Stations to accept smart payments from Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. It has now taken another step in its smart payment initiative and activated Apple Pay on the RTA Dubai App. 

iPhone users in Dubai can now pay for several RTA service fees and fines using Apple’s digital wallet on their phones or Apple Watch. Apple Pay is a form of contactless payment that collects your debit/credit card information and charges without you having to take your wallet out and is gaining steady traction in the region.

You’ll be able to pay for a slew of RTA services such as NOL card top up, parking account recharge, vehicle registration renewal, replacing or renewing your driver’s license and various fines.

This move reflects RTA’s endeavors to introduce smart payment services and is aligned with Dubai’s Smart City Initiative as well as RTA’s strategic goals (Smart Dubai and People Happiness).

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Poor mobile coverage ‘harming rural quality of life’

Poor mobile and broadband coverage in rural areas is exacerbated the sense of remoteness and harming quality of life. 

A new report from The Prince’s Countryside Fund and Scotland’s Rural College found inadequate connectivity was cited as one of the three biggest challenges to rural life, with respondents claiming better digital infrastructure would encourage young people and businesses to either stay or move to the countryside.with respondents claiming better digital infrastructure would encourage young people and businesses to either stay or move to the countryside.

A new report from The Prince’s Countryside Fund and Scotland’s Rural College found that inadequate connectivity was cited as one of the three biggest challenges to rural life, with respondents claiming better digital infrastructure would encourage young people and businesses to either stay or move to the countryside.with respondents claiming better digital infrastructure would encourage young people and businesses read more

YouTube dark mode begins rolling out to Android users

After YouTube introduced a dark mode to its desktop site last year and migrated the feature to iOS in March this year, it’s finally starting to arrive for Android users.

The alternative theme exchanges YouTube’s white backgrounds and menus for a deep grey, aiming to alleviate the eye strain associated with brighter light when viewing in a darker room or at nighttime.

As reported by 9to5google, some users have already begun seeing the change, with the dark theme applied by default when opening their YouTube app for the first time since updating, along with a pop-up offering the option to revert to the regular theme.

You can also enable or disable the mode in the ‘General’ section of the app’s settings by toggling the aptly-titled ‘dark theme’ option.

Although not yet available to all Android users, the feature has begun rolling out at random on a trial basis, and we expect it won’t be long before it’s widely available.

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Google Pixel 3 XL leak reveals ‘Clearly White’ color option in the wild

With the Pixel 3 and Pixel XL 3 expected to launch within the next few months, it’s no surprise that we’re starting to see an increase in leaks surrounding Google’s upcoming handsets.

The latest leak comes from XDA Developers via forum user ‘’, who has allegedly given us our best look yet at the Google Pixel XL 3 with some high quality hands-on images of the purported device. 

The images, which are said to be of the Pixel XL 3’s ‘Clearly White’ color variant, seem to back up previous reports regarding Google’s forthcoming phablet, including one rumor that the handset would sport a notch on its face (and a rather large one, at that), two front-facing cameras and a bottom front-facing speaker. 

Based on the device’s Fastboot screen, the handset in question is packing 4GB of RAM and 64GB of onboard storage. According to, the supposed Pixel XL 3 is unable to boot any further because it has been  “remotely erased read more